Our Week {In Picture Texts}

Friday, April 15, 2011

We have had a busy week this week!

Mackenzie's babysitter had her hip replaced this week, so M stayed with sweet Melissa all week. This is just one of the reasons she loves going over to their house:

She gets oreos and poptarts when she is upset :)

Mackenzie has loved being on the go with them this week!

Here she is taking a nap at Melissa's..

And eating at the local diner after a big walk!

On Wednesday, Melissa had to get her daughter from school with Pink Eye... We thought Mackenzie was getting an ear infection so Dustin took off work to take her in to see the dr. I almost fell over when I saw this text of her with no shoes on playing in the DR'S office but we survived!

Still at the Dr.... Tearing the room up :)

And Thursday, we found out Mackenzie is definitely a Pear Girl! (And yes Dustin is sitting on the Royal Throne, but the lid IS DOWN people!) haha! :)

And I had the day off on Friday so we caught up on some much needed rest... Well Mackenzie did anyways! :)

I love being able to get these picture texts during the middle of my day! They are the best. I know Mackenzie is missing all of her friends at the babysitter but she definitely isn't complaining about having another week with Melissa :)

{One Year Ago}

Saturday, April 09, 2011

One year ago,

we packed our bags..

and my big ole belly..

and headed to the hospital.

Dustin put on his gown..

And his hair/face mask...

And we had our Sweet Baby Girl!

We were so in love with her big blue eyes..

And her thick dark hair.

Our lives changed forever

And we wouldn't change it now for the world.

We love her SOOO much!

Happy 1st Birthday Mackenzie Berlynn!

You are such a huge blessing and we are more than thankful for you! You are such a joyful baby. I wish I could just bottle this time up, because it is going wayyy to fast. We love you more and more each day sweet girl!

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