#coraeveryday2014 Week 2

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 2 #coraeveryday2014:
Day 8: My personal little dish washer
Day 9: At yoga aka my happy place
Ps. I couldn't find this picture on my phone so a snapshot will have to do!

Day 10: Took my two monsters out for pizza and ice cream! Missing their daddy big time!

Day 11: Fun Day with Kaci, Mack, Shannon, Jess, Mom and Mason!
Gender Reveal Party planning!!

Day 12: All dressed up for Church. Mackenzie said "Mason looks fancy today"

Day 13: First day back to Mrs. Sherry's since her hip surgery! We missed them so much!

Day 14: If this boy isn't at Momma's feet, he is in the dog food!
Here's for me sticking with something for 2 weeks! Only 50 more weeks to go! ha!

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