Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The week leading up to Memorial Day, Dustin's brothers family came in to visit for the week. They live in South Dakota and we only see them every couple of years.

Abigail and Julia wanted to be by Mason all week!
They loved having a baby around.
Julia, Amanda, Abigail and Mason
Mason and his Uncle Danny
The Oaks' grandchildren with Granny and Grandpa

I love my weekend mornings with these three. Chocolate milk and Barney are what keeps our marriage going. haha!

I "accidentally" put the big girl in the baby car seat!
She loves for us to tell her things we did for her when she was a baby, she has no clue that she still is my baby though!

Why does he have to grow so fast? I definitely think the second one grows faster.
Cousins: Julia, Mackenzie and Abigail
Family/Friends and all the babies.
L to R: Moses, Abigail, Julia, Little Danny, Dustin, Mason,
Mackenzie, Bobby John, Wesley, Jared and Lyla
For some reason this picture will not upload rotated but anyways...
Lyla and Mason.
 Lyla is 5 months and Mason is almost 3 months. We had him weighed this week (14 lb) and he weighs 2 pounds more that Lyla. Yikes he is a big boy!
I had to steal a few of these pictures from Amanda's Facebook because I am horrible at taking pictures when there are a lot of people around. Here is Abigail, Moses and Julia. I am sure the next time we see them they will be doubled in size!
Saturday Night we had our 5 Year Life Group Party aka a going away party for our teachers Barb and Glen. Glen got a job in New Jersey and they will be moving up there in June. We are going to miss them so much and can't wait until they come home to visit.
We started going to Life Group in April of 2009 and it has honestly laid our entire foundation as a couple. I don't know where we would be without them and they have helped us to understand each other far better than we could have ever figured out on our own. Marriage is tough, but there isn't anyone else I would want to go through the hard times with.

Do these two look alike or what?
There was child care offered on Saturday night and we dropped the kids off at the Nursery before heading over to the ROC. I turned right back around and picked Mason back up. I am sure he would have been fine, but there were a ton of kids and 4 teen girls so I hated to do that.
Once again, I stole some of these pics off Facebook. Glen on the far left and Barb on the right.

Mason passed out on Dustin at the party.
We played the newlywed game, which we always do, and it never disappoints. I have never laughed so hard. The questions and answers leave us all gasping and dying laughing!
Sunday, we went to church before heading back to Mimi Shannon's house to swim.
Shannon and Jenn smoked Hog and Shannon kept us stocked up with drinks by the pool.
 It was a great time!

Mackenzie and Taelynn

Jess and Mason. Jessica just got a new gig as Sr High Cheer Coach for Booneville. I am so excited for her and I know she will do great! However, this better not mean that she is going to be putting off making us a beautiful baby! :)

This crazy guy has decided to hold his head up even in his car seat. It is killing me to see him doing this! That can't be comfortable.

And, he has also decides he needs a paci. But only in the car. 
On Monday, we went back over the Mimi Shannon's house for more pool time. I didn't snap any pictures but that just means we were having a great time! I do however have one picture for our Memorial Day: 

I love this!
A friend of our posted this and I was dying. Her husband and Dustin both do contracting so this is what they look like while they are on the job.
And just for fun, here are two pictures from Memorial Day 2012. One month before the wedding. This is definitely motivation to lose that last 4 pounds I still have from pregnancy.

Date Night and Tornado in Moore

Friday, May 31, 2013

-Note: It has taken me over a week to post this. I just never felt like I had the right words, but I needed to get it on here before I forgot about it.
Last Saturday, Kaci and Mom watched the kids so we could go on a date!
We went to the movies to see Pain and Gain, and we really liked it! We haven't been to the movies since This Means War came out so it was nice to get to go!
After the movies we met up with Kaci and picked Mason up.. Mackenzie stayed at Nene and Pops house.
Taking just Mason to church Sunday Morning.
Sunday afternoon we went to moms house for dinner. Mimi Shannon called and invited us to swim so we went over for a little bit, came back for dinner and finished the night by riding Pops' golf cart all over their land..

^Notice the princess heels
^Notice who is filling out 3/6 Month clothes!

My babies are definietely loved!
Mimi Shannon and Nene keep these two spoiled rotten!

Mackenzie picked Nene some flowers as we were riding around!
And no she never wears pants!

Coming in from a sleepover at Nene's!
Monday morning was just the start of another work week... Until Alisa came in my office and asked if I heard about a tornado in Moore. My family has lived in Moore forever so I started to panic. She said "I am sure they are fine.. This says its headed toward Sooner Road at 134th" I almost died. Those are the two roads we take to get to my Aunt and Uncle's house. After lots of phone calls and texts, we finally heard from my cousin, Kali, via Facebook. Her internet at work was still working so we were able to chat that way. It seemed like it took forever to hear if everyone else was okay... Here are some pictures I took as a screen shot on my phone as I was headed home from work..  

All of those tweets give me the chills.

When I got home I couldn't turn the news off just watching all of the media coverage on it. Not long after that our tornado sirens went off in town.
When we switched to Verizon we started getting weather alerts from the National Weather Service.
We were expecting really bad weather so we had already packed a bag just in case the sirens went off in the middle of the night. This was the first time we have ever went to the shelter. I have never really been scared but now that we have two kids I just wanted to make sure they were safe.. Which clearly they loved going....
We got back home about 10:30 and our power finally came back on at 5 that morning.
This picture has been all over social media and I love it. In the middle of all of the ruble is a sign that reads "The most important things in life aren't things"
Thankfully our family didn't lose their homes unlike several others. We were supposed to leave that Friday to go to my cousin, Kali's, wedding shower. It was called off after the building had structural damage a few days later from all the rain. We will be going to visit the end of June for Kali's wedding. As much as I can't wait to see the family just to know they are okay, I don't think I will be ready to see the damage to their hometown.

Mother's Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three days in a row to Blog? I have officially impressed myself!
 This crazy girl wore her plastic Cinderella heels to Mrs. Sherrys 4 out of the 5 days she was there last week. We were all dying over it! Thanks Mimi Shannon :) And of course Dora had to come too!
I love that little white house in the back. I know I take for granted going by there twice a day. Smells just like grandmas house.. Fried Chicken and Love.
Safety first for Dora too!
Ethan got this little car for his first birthday, and Mackenzie kicks him out of it every time we are over! I love how this picture looked like she took off with him flying back.
I love these two so much!! And the fact that they both let me sleep all night makes my heart so happy.. I am hoping that Mason continues to sleep 9pm-6am!

We decided to all go to Little Rock for the day to just eat, shop and do something different than always running to Fort Smith or Fayetteville. We ate at Bravo, an Italian place and it was to die for! Hannah and Kaci got the best spinach and chicked flatbread!

Mackenzie and Nana

Mason with Nana!
Our waitress brought Mackenzie some raw bread dough to let her play while we waited on her meal... I think I had just as much fun as she did. She is in to crocodiles for the moment so that is what we made and they took it back and cooked it for her!
Next Stop: Gigi's Cupcakes!

This Sprite was heavenly in that aluminum bottle! Oh so cold!
Erik got an internship working at a hotel in Florida so Mackenzie had to say her goodbyes to her boyfriend for a little bit! Can't wait to go see him this summer! She loves her some Erik!

Mackenzie told us that her and her brother were both coloring :)
We went to church Sunday Morning! Love this girl so much and so glad she made me a Mom!
I have honestly laughed on my way to work every day this week at Becky and Beau both hitting their heads on the wall during Life Group. Love all of the friends we have made through that class over the last four years!

We took dinner to Memaw at the Nursing Home Sunday night.
Was good to get to visit with her on Mother's Day!
So... My mom lets Mackenzie get in her make up drawer when we are over and Sunday night was no exception. I let her bring one tube of lipstick home with us and this happened within a matter of minutes...

I die.
She really did bring me back to life on Mother's Day! What a mess! :)

With Mason right after his bath!
I still can't believe that I have 2 kids! TWO. How is that even possible? I am loving every minute of the chaos at our house! Mason has really started to light up when we talk to him and Mackenzie always says "Mommy, you are my best friend." You are mine too sister!

Here is a sweet video of Mackenzie feeding Mason. If you hear some explosions, it is my heart literally bursting!


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