#coraeveryday Week 1

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

 I am taking a picture a day for the entire year! Let's see how this goes!
Day 1: Spent the first day of the new year hanging out with my two loves! Just missing their daddy!
Day 2: The College National Championship game was on while she was supposed to be in bed... She says football is her show so she needs to stay up to watch. (And I let her!)
Day 3: Exactly what does the fox say?
Day 4: Mackenzie got her first BIG haircut (not a trim) and we went to their very first movie in theatre! Frozen was so good!
Day 5: Aunt Kaci was finally back in Arkansas after her Christmas vacation around the US... At least she brought back gifts from Disney Land!
Day 6: Gym Day! Gymnastics for the little girl and Zumba for the big girl!
Day 7: Bath time with this little monster!
I look forward to looking back at all of these pictures at the end of the month/year!

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