Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday afternoon, I decided I wanted to make a new dress with some fabric I had found on the clearance at Hobby Lobby. I had a little helper :)

She sat in pure amazement watching the sewing machine!

The dress!

iPhone quality and the fact that I took it riding in the car make for an awful picture!

Jared and Cassen drove in from Denver to pick up their puppy, Gene!

We miss them already but are more than proud of them!!

Saturday, Mom, M and I went to Fayetteville to see my sister! Kaci put this on M while we were at Riffraff.. I LOVE this store! If you are ever in NWA, you should go check it out!

A girl was trying on a dress that Kaci wanted and it was taking forever for her to come out of the dressing room (there was only one dress left) so M and I went out on the square and had a photo shoot.

Erik pointed out to me that it looks like Mackenzie is holding
a camera taking a picture of herself :)

It was so beautiful on Saturday! I love how the sun was shining so bright in the pictures.

We stopped by Rick's Bakery also.. Kaci loves going here! It did not disappoint.

I got a Petit Four (I hope I spelled that right) I had to ask mom how to pronounce it just to order it :) and I would have snapped a picture of it but I devoured it on the way too the mall!

We were all too tired to shop so we dropped Kaci back off at her dorm and headed home!

Sunday, we went to church. We had an amazing Life Group, and Dustin and I had Nursery! We were in Room D this time! We are moving on up in the Nursery world.. haha! We were exhausted when we left!

Mackenzie is obsessed with the dogs and being outside....So when it is too cold for her to help daddy feed the dogs, I hold her so she can watch him. She was making window faces at him :)

American Idol Love Story

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dustin and I watched American Idol last night in tears! What an incredible man.

"But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect
and complete, lacking nothing." James 1:4

High School Memories: Ramen Noodle Edition

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dustin went to Walmart tonight for a few things.... He came home with several bags of Ramen Noodles. I almost died. I immediately began to teach him how to eat them raw! :)

I can honestly still hear the way the bag sounds... I remember taking a bag of these and a Dr. Pepper to lunch every single day! I remember crunching the bag a thousand times until the raw noodles were small enough to eat. I remember pouring the seasoning in and shaking it like crazy to make sure every little piece had season on it. I remember not being able to finish a whole bag during lunch... I remember having 4 half full bags in my backpack at the end of the week :)

Crazy how food can take you back to high school memories!

Then again.... Those were days that we thought we were cool if we dressed like this to a Thursday night pep rally! I am sure my mom is so proud! haha!!

Happy 27th Birthday, Dustin!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday, Dustin!

We went out to eat with Dustin's parent's for his Birthday... I love how excited these two are. Haha! We were running super late and I insisted on a birthday picture!

Cleaning, Black eye and Car seats!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday night, we went to Jared and Cassen's (old) house and cleaned! The movers packed all their stuff up last week and took it to Colorado. Their house was being shown on Saturday so we cleaned it up for them.

Checking to make sure there was no dust or Gene hair on the window seal :)

Mackenzie didn't get to stay for very long... Dustin took her home so she could go to bed.

I am really trying to clean out my spare bedroom...which is going to take a true miracle. I had Mackenzie's cradle and vibrating chair in the room, so I loaded all of it up and put it in the living room.. Hopefully one day it will end up in the attic but who knows?

We put M in her seat to see what she would do. She played for 5 seconds then she flung herself out of it...She had moved on to bigger and better toys now. That chair was so two months ago! haha!

Someone spilled the dog food Saturday morning.....

Then we had Fish Sticks and Green Beans for lunch.

Mom, Mackenzie and I headed out the door to Fort Smith.. I told Dustin I left some fish and green beans on the stove.. He quickly said "I'll pass"

Big day for Mackenzie! We (Dustin) turned her car seat to face forward! :) She is one pound away from what they recommend... Her legs were way too crammed when it was turned backwards...

We went to Sam's on the hunt for Mom and Dyson Vacuum. Notice how Mackenzie is sitting? This could be the reason she got her first black eye in Target shortly after because she hit her face on the cart.

Ready for Church! Love her new dress from Nene!

with the matching coat of course! :)

Sunday night we went out to eat for Dustin's birthday.

We ate at TGI Fridays.. after we bought some new boots and baseball pants for Dustin.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

When Mommy is Away...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He might not match your clothes very good, but he loves you to pieces!!
(And you are pretty crazy about him too!)

Fuji's, Ear Infection, Cousins

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friday night, I went to Lacy's bachelorette party. She is getting married on Saturday and there were just a few girls that got together at Hillary's. My camera was dead, so I didn't get any pictures.. Boo! But we had a really good time.... I rolled in at 3 am. Yes. THREE! I never do that.ever.

Saturday morning, we slept in (8:00 am) Dustin ran some errands and I picked up house and of course played with Mackenzie! Duffy called and asked if we would meet them at Fuji's.. I HATED Fuji's the first time I went, and now I find myself craving it.

Pops whispers in Mackenzie's ear and she Loves it! I am crazy about the new outfit she is wearing that mom got her...

The high chairs were very very low to the ground so Duffy stacked two together and she was at our height... She was eating soup here. I love the death grip on the high chair.. Eating is serious business with this girl.

Watching the fire on the Hibachi Grill..

She was getting way too impatient for me to feed her
some rice so she took the spoon from me :)

When we got home Saturday night, M was wheezing pretty bad. After a breathing treatment and a very long and congested night, we got up early Sunday and took her in to the Dr.

Daddy and Mackenzie

The Verdict: Another ear infection.

Mackenzie is very congested and her throat is killing her, so she has decided to only swallow when she HAS to (See the shirt?) Mackenzie's cousin Eli lives in Texas and the poor boy has gotten all of his teeth nonstop.. I text Cary and asked if E had taught M to drool and turns out they were dressed a like Sunday... I love it! :)

9 Months!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mackenzie, you are nine months old!!

Your very first snow came on your 9 month Birthday!

And daddy also sold his jeep the same day..

You are the happiest baby I know! You always brighten our days!

I asked your daddy what we ever did before you were born...We really don't remember what we did? You are always the subject of our conversations.

I am currently in love with this picture... I love the swollen cheeks, the sleepy eyes and the big hair!

-You are weighing in at 19 lbs 3 oz and you are 28.5 inches tall... Both are in the 75%
-You still take formula, and you are the best eater! Mrs. Sherry usually tries new stuff out with you and then lets us know what you thought...Right now you are loving grilled cheese, strawberry wafers, granola bars, yogurt, rice, and green beans.
-You are waking up 1-2 times a night.. we are working hard on your sleeping, and we haven't gotten anywhere! You want your bottle, then you head right back to sleep.

This is your MOST FAVORITE toy! We hear this toy singing all day long.. we also hear you saying Dadda a thousand times a day! :) I have squeezed momma out of you a couple times. You love for us to play in the floor with you. You get bored very very easily, and you are VERY dramatic!

You still LOVE your bath time! If we don't keep the bathroom door shut, we can always find you standing up banging your hands on the tub! You get a bath every other night...

I have recently lost your comb, so we have started going in my bathroom to comb your hair out... You have a blast playing in front of the mirror, so we have been doing this a lot more lately..

A note from daddy:

Its 9 months now and we have had quite a trip. Had several bouts with pneumonia, sinus problems, and now an ear infection. Its been a long and rough ride but I am glad and have had a blast trying to keep up with you. You are getting so old and are so smart for only being 9 mos old. Your mother and I talk every night when we put you to sleep about how big you have gotten, and how fast you get through the house and how much we have to keep an eye on you. I cant wait until your 1st birthday because we get to throw you a party. Stinker, you are so pretty and love your smile even though you have one and a half teeth. Its precious, and yes your dad did say it is precious. I love you and cant wait until you wake up at 3 am for your mother to feed you!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA it will be me, cause mom fed you last night. Remember your mother and I will do anything for you and don't forget that and don't push it.
Love you Stinker

Bad Hair Day?

Friday, January 07, 2011

These next few pictures have made me almost wet my pants today! :) haha!

Dustin picked Mackenzie up from Mrs. Sherry's today and all I heard was "Wait til you see this" (To me that sounded a lot like "Hey yall, watch this!" and we all know how scary that can be coming from a man)

I laughed so hard, I could barely control myself!

Sherry had to pull M's hair back so would quit getting food in her hair...She looks pretty excited about it! Yikes!

A view from the back..

My very best friend, Andie, is having a horrible (work) day today! I hope this makes her laugh! :)

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