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Thursday, September 30, 2010

....Opples and Bononos

Since Mackenzie has been born, I have probably sang this song to her at least a thousand times! I know everyone around me is getting sick of hearing it! {Right Mom? :)} I started making Mackenzie's baby food a little while back and so far she has had carrots and green beans. Duffy calls Mackenzie 'Queen of the Del Monte Green Bean Team'

I have been dying to make apple and banana baby food, so Dustin ran to the store for me tonight...It dawned on me while he was gone that I have been wanting these because I am singing this song so much!

Bananas are by far the easiest baby food I have made so far!
I chopped up 6 bananas and threw them in the blender

Hit the Puree button and in about 30 seconds I had completed her baby food!
How easy is that?

I also peeled and cored one of the apples - steamed them on the stove, and mixed it with some bananas. We ran out of storage space for the rest of the apples, so I will make the rest of the apples this weekend.

Then, we served them to a very cute little girl! She absolutely loved the bananas! I think she was disappointed when her daddy fed her the very last bite!

I think Dustin was pretty impressed that I was making baby food and our dinner at the exact same time (Hey, I am pretty impressed myself! :)

The containers with the green lids are what I usually store her baby food in and put in the freezer.. Some are still in the freezer with carrots so I got out these ice cube trays. Dustin's mom got us these from Ikea. They are so cute! The ones on the left are fish and the ones on the right are hearts.

Tuesday, Tuesday

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am not one of those people who complain day in and day out... I hate getting on Facebook on Monday morning and seeing someone say "Is it Friday yet??" really people? BUT this week seems to just be dragging on!! On the bright side... Maybe this week will go by slow so the Razorbacks will have enough time to work on their defense! Big game this week against #1 Alabama!

Dustin and I check on Mackenzie together every night before we go to bed. She usually has kicked her covers off, so we just cover her back up, and tell her goodnight.... Not last night... For a baby that is a tummy sleeper I cannot believe she was sound asleep last night. It is hard to see, but she has her foot lodged in between the spaces in her bed, and she is holding on to her bumper pads. I was afraid if I turned on more light she might wake up, and it is never worth waking a baby just to get a picture! :)

This morning she was ready to rise at 6:30. I sat her on my bed and put my Boppy pillow around her... This is how she sat and watched Baby Einstein.. That foot must taste good! When I would walk through the room, her head would turn but her eyes were glued to the tv!!

Look at this wild woman's hair!!
She definitely fixed it herself in her sleep!

I had to catch a ride to work this morning, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these two when I walked out of the hospital today! Aren't they just the sweetest for coming and picking me up? We ran by and saw Memaw for a second and then headed home! I ran to Walmart and grabbed some soup for Mackenzie to take to the nursery this Sunday. They are feeding families during the cold weather. I hope to teach Mackenzie to always give to others. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! -Even if it is dragging by! One of my favorite songs says "Slow down, Slow down, before today becomes our yesterday" So true!!!

Leaf Cutting

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tonight, some of the ladies of our Life Group got together to start cutting leaves for our Thanksgiving Tree Project. We are going to set up three trees throughout our church. Each tree will have several leaves on them, and each leaf has a food product.. Corn, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans, Gravy, Etc... The goal is to have everyone take a leaf when they leave church, and bring back the item on their leaf the following week.. so we can feed 5oo families in the area for Thanksgiving! I am so excited about this!

Barb and Jessica working very hard on cutting out leaves at the school... How sweet is Jessica? She will deliver her sweet baby in less than 3 weeks, and she came out to help! I can't wait to know if she is having a boy or a girl... they made it a surprise. I am really thinking Boy!

Amanda, Jana and Becky cutting as well! They did such a great job! It was so nice to visit with everyone tonight.

Cassen and Amanda!
These girls did such a great job putting this together tonight! We cut out a TON of leaves! I don't know what the final number ended up being, but if we are feeding 500 families, that means 500 green beans, 500 cranberry sauces.... you get the picture!! We had a really good time, even though it was five thousand degrees in that school! I just realized that I made all the girls get their pictures taken and I didn't even get one of me there - Just so you know I really did help :)

Mrs Melissa was so sweet to watch Mackenzie while I was gone. Dustin had ball games tonight, so Sierra and Ally had fun playing with M.

-5 Months-

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mackenzie, You are 5 Months Old! (On the 9th)
I cannot believe how fast time is flying!

We are absolutely crazy about you!
You are smiling and making noise all the time!

You don't love to sit in your Bumbo chair. You have figured out how to crawl over the side of it. I wanted this chair so bad and I just knew you would love it - I have learned a lot!!

You have not been sleeping through the night here lately (because of your recent pneumonia). I get you up at 7:30 on the weekdays.. You eat your oatmeal at Mrs. Sherry's, daddy picks you up about 4, daddy spoils you until I get home about 5:30, you get baby food at 6, bath at 7, Oatmeal at 7:30, and bed at 8. You are so easy to put to bed and I am so thankful that Mrs. Becky helped us to do that!

You love laying on your tummy! Most babies are working on 'Tummy Time' and we are working on back time. You hate to be on your back. If you wake up in the middle of the night, it is usually because you have rolled over and you just want back on your tummy.

Your daddy and I are absolutely crazy about you! Someone asked me today if I thought before you were born if my life would change... I knew things would be completely different, but I didn't expect my outlook on life would change as much as it did. You are such a huge blessing from God. We thank Him everyday for you. You have put a smile on complete strangers faces. I cannot wait to see you grow, but I am savoring this time with you. Babies grow way too fast!

-wear a size 2 diaper
-are in 3-6 months clothes
-never wear shoes :)
-love when I sing to you (and I cannot sing!!)
-are still eating 4-6 ounces of formula per feeding
-get oatmeal twice a day
-have been eating home made baby food
-smile and cackle all the time
-light up when me or daddy walk in the room
-love being outside
-get bored so easily!
-want your way all the time :)

You are still not holding your bottle. I am working really hard on this some days, other days I like to enjoy that you are still dependent on us :) You play with your hair when you are really sleepy, and you pull your bow out all the time! Something I never thought you would do! You are chewing on everything in sight, but still no teeth!

This is you at about 2 weeks old. Look how big this chair was! Now you can reach the toys on it! People say the same comments to us quite a bit... Our #1 by far is "Look at all that hair!!" -Your daddy's umpire paused the game a couple weeks ago just to come look at all your hair. People also so "Oh, what bright blue eyes" and "She is so beautiful"

Some things that I have learned since being a mom
-How to take a shower in 2 minutes
-How to change and diaper and make a bottle in record speed
-That God is SO Good!
-That sometimes, it is o.k. to let you cry

College Colors Day

Friday, September 03, 2010

Today is College Colors Day!

Here is Mackenzie's choice for her favorite college! :)

I love this outfit!

Of course I wore my Razorback scrubs to work today!

Mackenzie and I with our Razorback clothes on!!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Thursday, September 02, 2010

My mom informed me that today is 09/02/10 as in 90210. Isn't that pretty neat? Mom, Mackenzie and I went to Taelynn's First Birthday party tonight after work. I cannot believe that she is already 1!

Here is Mackenzie watching Taelynn open all of her gifts!

Birthday girl eating cake! She was so cute!

Playing with all of her fun toys!

While I was at the shower, Hayle text me. I was so glad to hear from her. She had her baby boy Sunday night, and he is staying in the NICU right now. He was 6 weeks early, and he has what sweet Mackenzie had... Pneumonia. He already started his medicine, so they are predicting for him to go home around Wednesday.

Me with Mr. Kiptyn Michael - He is so handsome! He weighs 5 pounds 7 ounces

He was looking at his momma here. I couldn't believe how little he was!
My arms never got tired when I was holding him!

So peaceful. Poor guy had to get his IV in his head. :(

When I first got there tonight, I can't even fully explain how I felt. Very anxious and very very sick to my stomach. I knew that Kiptyn was just fine, it just brought up some very raw emotions. When I first got there, I just visited with Hayle and Justin.... And then it was time. Time to go back to that place I was so scared of. Don't get me wrong, the nurses and doctors were so wonderful to us, but I was so worried about Mackenzie constantly that it made me have some bitterness about being there.

I forgot the tiniest things... Calling to let them know who you are to let you in, washing your hands, putting the gown on, searching for your baby because you never knew if they had been moved or not, fighting for a empty labor and delivery room so I could walk down to nurse every three hours, swollen feet, and not caring if I ate a meal the entire day as long as my sweet baby got to be held.

As soon as we walked up to him I could have cried right then.. Not only because he is so perfect, but because his nurse was one of Mackenzie's main night nurses. I couldn't have hugged that woman long enough... and then I did what any normal momma would do.. I whipped out my phone and began to show her pictures :) All the nurses came over to see! I was so proud... and suddenly, all those bad feelings were gone! I was so relieved. I held Kiptyn for quite a while, then decided momma and daddy probably needed some rest! :)

I called Dustin on my way out the door and talked to him the whole ride home. I could finally talk about things that I was way to afraid to talk about. I know you are thinking, "Cora, she only had pneumonia and she is fine now" I know that. I really do. But that was so hard for me to go through. Friends having babies a week after you and going home while you were left sitting.

I am so happy for Hayle and Justin, and they are doing so great! They had a very rough time with their oldest, Zoie, when she was born...This is a walk in the park for them!

The nurses want us to take Mackenzie to their annual reunion.. They have this to catch up with all the previous NICU babies that they grew so close to.. Mackenzie will be one the next time they have it. It was held the weekend she was born. I cannot even imagine her being one! Not at all!!

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