Sweet Grandmother

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dustin's sweet Grandmother passed away on August 8th. I wanted to post this for our memories, so when Mackenzie is older we will be able to show her all the details of her wonderful Great Grandmother.

Here is Grandmother with Mackenzie the day Mackenzie was born.

We had Visitation at Grandmother's house on Tuesday, August 10th.
Her funeral was the next day.. Wednesday August 11th.

This is an actual picture of Grandmother's garden at her house. She was an amazing gardener, bowler, wife, mother, sister, grandmother and friend.

Memaw sent Dustin these flowers, and we received several cards from family and friends.

Sweet Eli playing in Grandmother's living room

Mackenzie with her daddy after visitation

After the funeral, Dustin and I stopped by Grandmother's house for just a little bit. We were just looking over her garden, when a butterfly showed up. Dustin and I just smiled at each other... Dustin always talks about how much his sister loved butterflies so every time we see one we think of her. It was pretty amazing watching Amber fly through Grandmother's garden.

After the grave site service, I had to go back to work... I ran into a lady who said she saw me at the funeral..I asked her how she knew Grandmother and she told me that they bowled together. The next week, she told me their bowling group "Young at Heart" nominated her to take Grandmother's position as President of their group. She said, "Sanka would have approved!"

We loved her so much and she is greatly missed! We have a Peace Lilly in the living room that reminds us of her every time we walk through the house.

Razorback Victory Week

Monday, August 30, 2010

We are starting off Razorback Victory Week with a bang! College Football starts this weekend and we cannot be more ready!! Mackenzie's outfit is already laid out for the big game Saturday! We are hoping that the camera will put her on the Jumbotron!

Ready to go to Mrs. Sherry's this morning! Supporting her team! When we got home this afternoon, we went over the calling of the hogs and this girl has it down!! haha!

Our little cheerleader is ready for the big game this week! We are playing Tennessee Tech and we are planning for a big win this week! They have to win - It is Mackenzie's very first Razorback Football game!

We are headed out the door to go watch Dustin play softball! I know I am super behind with this blog! I had some issues with pictures and it is not going as planned. If you know me at all, you know that I have to keep things in a certain order.... I don't like to post out of order, but it is what it is. I had missing pictures, a broken memory card and pictures on Kaci's camera. Maybe I will get caught up one day... If there is such a thing as being 'caught up' with an infant!

I just received the worst mom award! As I was posting, Mackenzie pulled another first... Rolled off the couch!!!! :( She isn't hurt... I am typing this while holding her!

Don't judge me.... You have done it too!!!! :)

-Mackenzie's Third Month-

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am horribly late getting Mackenzie's Three Month post up! Mackenzie turned three months on July 9th! July was a crazy busy month and it just keeps getting busier and busier as the months go by!During your three months, you were starting to crack smiles, if we worked really hard to squeeze one out of you! :) You didn't have a scheduled doctor's appointment this month, but I did have to take you in when you started to catch a cold. You weighed about 13 pounds.

You found your fingers!

You found the t.v. You love watching Country Music Videos and Duck Commander.. I think your dad made you pretend to like this show just so he could watch it. :)

You will let anyone hold you as long as they are telling you how pretty you are! You eat it up! You stayed with sweet Miss Andie until the end of July. She misses you SOoooo much!!

You are a busy bee! We take you everywhere! I wondered if I would be that mom that locks herself in the house and only comes out to work, but that is not the case AT ALL! We are on the move constantly. You love to be outside, which makes it so nice for when we are at the lake. You sleep about 5-6 hours when we are at the lake in your Pack n Play. We love to take you shopping, and you love to stare at all the people!
You started holding your head up really good, and when your neck gets tired,
you just flop your head down.

You have started sitting in your Bumbo seat, but you aren't the biggest fan of this yet! I wanted one of these chairs SOO bad because I just knew you would love it! I was so excited when I found it at a yard sale for $5!! Maybe you will grow to love it! :)

We started spoon feeding you oatmeal this month, and you really like that! You get a bath every other night in your tub that fits in our kitchen sink. Miss Becky started working on your schedule. You are a wonderful sleeper - You sleep anywhere for 8 - 10 hours straight every night. You ate about 4 ounces of formula at each feeding. You have to take Gentle Ease formula becuase your tummy doesn't get along with the Lipil kind. Your Nene bought you the coolest Infant Feeder off of Amazon, and we started feeding you oatmeal in the morning and at bedtime, because cereal hurts your tummy. You are spoiled rotten! Your daddy would love to sit and rock you all day! We love you so much, and can't even imagine our crazy life without you!

-Oklahoma City-

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The last weekend in July, we drove to Oklahoma City to visit family. Duff had to go to Austin for the weekend, so we went with Mom and Memaw to get away for the weekend. We left Friday when we all got off work. Mackenzie did really good on the way... We stopped at Braum's in Henryetta (Memaw's Favorite!) and by the time we were almost there Mackenzie was getting pretty anxious.

Saturday morning, we drove to Minco, where Dustin's dads family lives. My aunt and uncle let us drive their Mini Cooper. It was so much fun!! Here is Mackenzie on the way with her doll in one hand and her elephant in the other!

For some reason the Oaks' don't like to tell people that they are coming to visit.. So of course when we got to Dustin's grandmas.... She Wasn't Home!! We went to his Aunt Melissa and Uncle Doug's house. I felt so awful just imposing on them so early! It was good to visit with them, and Dustin's cousin Timber came by to see us too!

After Grandma got back from Walmart, we went back over to her house... That is when I realized why they don't tell anyone they are coming.. She was so shocked and excited! It was so fun seeing her reaction! She called Phillip to tell him that we were in town...

This picture cracks me up! Mackenzie was pretty fussy, and then she was just out. This was out she was sleeping.. haha!

So glad we got to go see his Grandma! She is such a sweet lady! Dustin is always telling me stories about when they lived at Grandmas house!

Uncle Phillip and Cousin Ryan cam by Grandmas...

They were too funny!

I love this picture! Mackenzie kept looking at Phillip like he looked familiar... Probably because he looks so much like her Grandpa!

Phillip, Little Dwight, Grandma and Mackenzie..

We stopped by Phillip and Robin's new house on our way out of town. They have such a neat home!! Dustin took this as I was looking around with Robin. Ryan was so good with Mackenzie! I didn't get a picture of Collin.. He is getting so big!

After we left Minco, we met the Holcomb crew at Dustee's.. A really neat jewelry and handbag store, then we headed over to Ted's Cafe Escondido... It is my favorite place ever!! We Have to eat there every time I am in town! It was very busy! Here is Kali and Mackenzie.

Stephanie and Mackenzie!

This is a little blurry... Steph was holding Mackenzie and Bub was fanning her. She had a meltdown! It was so hot in there! I was trying not to lose my cool! Bub and Steph took her out to the druck and drove around the parking lot in the air conditioning! She was much happier. I am so glad they did that!!

M was wore out after such a long day. This was how she fell asleep in daddy's arms.

Cousin Kali and Mackenzie!
She is always so sweet to let us stay with her!
Thanks Kali!

Mackenzie with Aunt Tommie and Uncle Dickey!

Bubba and Mackenzie!

Kali and Mackenzie!

Mackenzie with Aunt Tommie and Uncle Dickey before we headed out. It was so nice to get away and go visit! We need to do that more often!

Home Made

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I know, I know.. I am so behind updating this! We have been So busy here lately! A couple of weeks ago, Cassen made homemade liquid laundry detergent. It is AMAZING! She gave me some to try, and I cannot wait to make my own. I tried it on Mackenzie's clothes too.. It got all the stains out of everything she owns, and it is all natural so she didn't have any breakouts with it!

Here is the sample that Cassen gave me.

The ingredients

I found the ingredients online. Cassen also bought a 5 gallon bucket and a mixer to attach to their drill to mix all of this together. You can find the link here. The article compares the homemade detergent to Tide. It was pretty interesting what you could save!
This is so cheap to make...

And speaking of homemade items, I have been working at our Greenwood Clinic in the afternoons for the last couple of weeks. This cutie caught my eye when I was up there last week. Dustin's dad made us this right when we first opened. Greenwood's mascot is the bulldog, and it fits right in with all the other sport themed items. This is so amazing!

Here is the back of the Bulldog...

Seeing that, reminded me of the Razorback Piggy Bank he made me for my 21st birthday.
I just love it! He sits in my Razorback laundry room!

Woo Pig Sooie!! :)

And here are my two favorite people before church one morning! M is blurry, but I can't get her to sit still anymore! :) My next goal is to start making my own baby food. I talked to Dustin's cousin, Cary, and she does this! I am hoping that I can do this as well!

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