Pop's Birthday Weekend

Monday, May 07, 2012

We spent a lot of our weekend at my parents house for Duff's birthday.

Mom and Hannah both had surgery last week.. My mom tore her meniscus and had a cyst removed from her wrist, and Hannah broke her nose last week, so we were pretty limited on going and doing and that made for the best weekend we have had in a long time! It was so nice to not run here and there all weekend long!

Kaci came home from Fayetteville, and I had left everything at Sherry's so Kaci could pick M up and bring her to my parents..... And this is how you will feel by the end of this post, if you can make it through all of the picutres! :)

Duff kept it easy on Kaci and I.. he requested Taco Salad for dinner, but mom still had to help us out!

Duff bought several games, bubbles, kites, etc for us to play outside all weekend long, he started putting the golf toss together while we cooked.

Kaci and I trying to cook

Check out miss diva with the attitude and sunglasses!

Skyping with dad!


We went back over to my parents after M and I woke up, and made a full day of laying out, playing games and having a blast!

I can't get enough of this picture!

Golfing with Pop, Erik and Kaci! Check out those tiny clubs.
Those were just on of the gifts M got for her Birthday from E and Kaci.

Water Balloon fight!!

Mackenzie and I went to church, I cleaned while she took a long nap, and we swam outside until we just had to come in! Lovin all of this 90 degree weather! We can't make ourselves stay inside

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  1. Sooo stinking cute that girl!!!

  2. Mackenzie is so stinkin' cute!! You are a skinny minnie in your swim suit & your boobs look big!! Love the pic of M talking to her daddy :) So sweet :)


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