Mother's Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last week, Kaci offered to keep Mackenzie for two nights in Fayetteville since she was done with all of her finals! I was so excited! I haven't had hardly any "me" time in the last several months, and my brain instantly started thinking up things around the house that I could do.

We ate at Fridays on Wednesday in Fort Smith, and Kaci took M from there. Kaci and Mackenzie were both so excited. M kept saying "Bye Mommy, Bye Nene" over and over. When I got home, the house was crazy quiet.. I had forgotten what that felt like and I had no clue what to even do with myself!

They sent me all sorts of fun pictures of Erik coming over to play,  painting toes before 8:30 the next morning, eating Einstein Bagels for breakfast....

Thursday, Mom and I decided I would skip Zumba and we would go to Cross My Arts Girls Night Out. We went and had fun shopping and looking around. We talked to Kaci when we left, and M was running a high fever and was very cranky. We just decided to meet them to pick M up.

M letting me cradle her.... Definitely knew she was sick!

M ran a fever all night and was having a hard time catching her breath. I called the pediatricians office and they insisted I go to the ER because of her breathing.... I understood their concern, but knew it would take several hours before we even saw a Dr at the ER. I called my mom for advise, and she told me to just go to a clinic we use in Fort Smith thats super quick.

The Dr. wanted to do a Strep screen, and as soon as the nurse had M open her mouth to do the swab, the nurse said "Oh Yea! This baby has strep, I can tell by looking." Test came back and we went home with a perscription and a few suckers!

Now I know this sounds horrible, but M felt fine after her fever broke and we started her antibiotic. We had planned the weekend before to stay the night in Fayetteville on Friday night and have a girls night. Mom didn't think we would go since M was sick but I called her at 5 on Friday and we decided to go ahead. We are seriously on the go all the time and M does not do good at all being cooped up in the house.

Side note: When we did show up to the hotel Friday night in our Under Armour sweats and M wearing a Pink Tutu, we were greeted by all of these people leaving in very dressy clothes. We found out the next morning that Rick Santorum had spoken at the hotel.

I didn't sleep a wink Friday night because I was checking on M all night and because she snores like her Pop!!! We got up, had breakfast and went for a little shopping. I have been wanting a pair of Chacos since my sister talked about how much she loved the ones she got last year... I bought those and a Coach purse before LUNCH TIME! I was sweating so bad I couldn't stand it. I texted Dustin at least 5 times making sure it was okay! I don't impulse buy, and that was a major impulse. And mom picked up my Mother's day present from Dustin... A new pair of Coach Sunglasses! Yes, I am spoiled and yes I am a tad embarrassed about all the stuff I got. Mom and Dustin had planned ahead of time that she would pick those up for him and give them to me for Mother's Day, but with mom having surgery, there was no way for her to take care of that before hand, and we ended up getting to use a coupon to help save a lot!

Mackenzie and I stayed outside a lot of the stores on Saturday... She was dying to play and since I was still sweating from buying so much, I decided to hang out with her!

Mackenzie through at least 50 pennies in to the fountain, but she did share some with the little boys next to her. I was so proud of her. She was going up to them to give them more and kept saying "here babe" Dustin says this a lot, so M has picked it up too!

We left the Promenade, ate and decided to head to the Razorback baseball game.. .After we got through the Graduation traffic, M had fallen asleep in the car. She had a lot of fun at the "Bball Game" She was cracking us up saying "Aww Man, Come on Guys!"

Mom let Mackenzie play with this little Coach Wristlet, and she won't let go of it. She has some points cards to random stores that we hardly use, and you can see she even took a nap with her purse.

After her nap we got ready to meet the fam for lunch

Mackenzie and I.. Notice that stinking purse on the table!

Me, Mom, Kaci, Memaw and Mackenzie

Mackenzie and Kaci

Erik, M and Kaci
(Any time we are out in public with Kaci, people think she is Mackenzie's mom! Everyone always makes comments to Kaci when I am standing right there, and the waitors have started asking Kaci what she is going to order M to eat. Its hilarious!)

Nene and Mackenzie

And our best attempt at a picture of us three. Between the wind blowing Kaci's fedora off and Mackenzie in the bottom of the pics, I ended up with some funny outtakes!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day! I still keep forgetting that I am a part of this holiday!

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  1. You all are soooo adorable!! Cute shorts!!!! Cute! Cute!


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