Allergic Reaction & Back Yard

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yesterday, we decided to take Mackenzie to the Dr. The rash on her face wasn't getting any better so we took the quickest appointment they had available with a different doc since ours was booked. Dustin sent me a few pictures while they were waiting along with some rants from parents not watching their kids :)
The rash was all over her mouth.... I am glad it already looks better. We skipped her morning dose and have been giving her Benadryl. They decided that she is allergic to the Amoxicillin, so they gave us a new mediciation to give to her.
Now on to some super exciting stuff... Here are some pictures of our back yard in all of its progress. Dustin has wanted to do this for 3 years so we are all very exciting to have it going.
I am sure I gag you all with going on and on about how great our neighbors are... but SERIOUSLY! Cody (Melissa's hubby) volunteered to help Dustin out all weekend long. They got started on Friday and haven't stopped since.
They are building a retaining wall, then we are going to bring in some fill dirt to level our back yard. It will be so nice to have M in the back yard playing instead of so close to the road!
Here is a picture of the reatining wall coming together. Our front yard looks like disaster zone rigth now. We have the backhoe parked by the house and we have 10 tons of gravel sitting in the middle of our driveway.
I cannot wait until it gets finished! The guys have been working until it is too dark to work.

Weekend in Fayetteville

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yikes!! Has it really been almost TWO MONTHS since I blogged? Honestly, things have been nuts.... Dustin has been gone to Afghanistan for the last several months and since he got home for his break a few weeks ago, we have just been enjoying our time with him!
This weekend, Mackenzie and I went to Fayetteville with my mom. Kaci's Sorority had Mom's Day on Saturday, so we just made a weekend long trip out of it. On Friday night, we went to the Ladybacks Gymnastics meet. We had never been before, and it was so much fun! M did so good, and even did a little dancing and clapping.
Cheesing BIG time!

After the meet, we headed to the hotel and had pizza delivered.
Saturday morninig, we got up pretty early.. we are early risers even on the weekends so I am sure people love to travel with Mackenzie and I. M started getting a rash all over her mouth and chin so she was pretty miserable.. She had just started a new antibiotic for her ear, but we were thinking it was from some lotion she put all over her face.
Mom and Kaci got around and headed to Mom's Day while I stayed at the hotel so M could get a nap in.

While M napped, I found out how obsessed I am with this eye shadow pallette. Mom let us use it this weekend and I can't stop thinking about it. All the different colors can make such pretty eyes!
After Mom's Day, we headed to the Promenade in Rogers for some shopping. I don't know if it was the ear infection, the lack of sleep or from just being outside, but Mackenzie would not sit in her stroller. We ended up using it to carry all of our bags.
I was planning on having Dustin come get us on Saturday night so we would be able to go to church on Sunday, but our neighbor is helping him build a retaining wall in the back yard and they accidentally ripped out our cable, internet and phone lines, so we just decided to come home with mom on Sunday.
Dustin and I watched Abduction after I got home and it was so good! I can't wait to get our cable line fixed this week!

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