I'm Stuck!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am so glad I can blog again! I have actually been trying for a couple of days and Blogger had some weird things going on... I had to share this.

This weekend Mackenzie was supposed to be napping in her room when she started crying and wouldn't stop. I finally peeked in at her and all I can see is her laying on her tummy trying to lift her head up to look at me.

Her crib has several wood panels with gaps in between.... She had gotten both legs stuck in the gaps!! I have no idea how she did this.. it wasn't like she just had her calves through the bars, those big ole hams were stuck too!

I was too panicked to take a picture since she was still crying so I did the logical thing and tried to pick her up the normal way {Pulling her from under her arms!} That girl was STUCK!

I finally had to rotate her legs and give them a big push through... Look how red her knees and thighs are!! To top it off, I didn't even realize she had pulled her arm through her shirt while she was stuck in her bed.

She is a mess! :)

Tip Toes

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I took Mackenzie by my mom's office one day (like a month ago)
...and these pictures just melted my heart.

She was peeking under the desk to see what was going on

And grabbing every little piece of paper on the floor...

And trying to see what was on top of the desk. I love her little tip toes.

Time to Play Catch Up

Monday, May 02, 2011


My mom has abandoned the ol' blog AGAIN?

I know, I know! I have been neglecting y'all lately!

Truth is.. I meant to post when Mackenzie was playing under my mom's desk at work, then I meant to post as we were prepping for the big 1st Birthday... And then I meant to post the BIG 1ST BIRTHDAY -- And I never did.

And as all of those kept piling up, I was getting more and more overwhelmed. So I am going to go back and do those posts as time will allow me too.

And as I was so overwhelmed I started panicking on how I even need to blog? I want this to be an awesome scrapbook for our family, but I don't want to post only the great things (Like here is the perfect picture of Mackenzie and here are the most perfect things she is doing lately)....

SO I have decided that I will post our daily/weekly happenings as they are and not try to analyze every word I type because I am thinking.. "Oh I don't want Mackenzie to think I am a complete crazy person"

There has been a lot going on in the last few weeks!

William and Kate got married!! Andie and I texted back and forth forever just amazed at the whole process.. They got married about 3 am our time, and I DVR'd the whole thing. I know some people roll their eyes at all the attention with their wedding, but the traditions that they follow so religiously are amazing! Can you believe their Ex's were at the wedding?

AND.. This man was killed! Osama Bin Laden is finally gone! I know this makes Dustin a very happy person.

I am sorry I have been neglecting yall~ I promise I will try to do better :)

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