Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday afternoon, Mackenzie and I headed up The Hill for the Razorback game with my parents! Dustin stayed home to help volunteer at Rocktober Feast. It is the 1st Annual benefit for Aplastic Anemia. One of our friends from Life Group set everything up, so I was glad Dustin could help.

First Stop: AQ Chicken! Yummy!
Mackenzie got her first Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potatoes while we were there! She loved it! I made the red/zebra wrap that Mackenzie is wearing...I just put it over her razorback onesie... I literally made this 20 min before my parents showed up, but Sshhh don't tell my mom. Then she will know the real reason I was running so late! :) haha!

My mom picked Mackenzie up this little beanie at Katiebug's. Isn't this the cutest? I am thinking we will need one in every color for winter! :)

Keith and Tusk

Mackenzie with Abby (Keith's Daughter)
Notice Mackenzie chewing on her necklace? I am hoping we get our first tooth soon!

Mackenzie with the cheerleaders. She honestly squealed when they were telling her how pretty she was!

Petting Tusk

Kaci and Erik in the student section

I could just eat her up!

KayKay came to see her!!

Eric and Kaci
(Eric got an extra shirt for Kaci while she was eating with us and she ended up getting one too so he gave me the extra! I was so excited! :)

We put Duffy's ear warmers over her headband to block the noise - It was so loud!
How cute is this red Pea Coat? Thanks NeNe!

We played Vanderbilt this week and won! It was our Homecoming. It was fun seeing all the Alumni players, band and cheerleaders....And of course Peyton Hillis!! Mackenzie did really good through the game as long as I was in sight. I didn't think she would be one of those babies that would want me at all times but maybe she will! (And I LOVE it!)

I won't even go into the most dramatic Halloween ever, but just so you know it has been a pretty rough day in our house. Mackenzie has screamed all day - no lie - we were 15 min late to church which explains why there is no picture of her in her costume and she has been in meltdown mode all day. She is running 100.4 temp and her poor gums are killing her.

So needless to say... No trick of treating for this girl! I am planning on getting her dressed up and at least taking her pictures since I made her costume by myself! I did get this picture the other day with her Minnie Mouse ears on! I was super impressed that I made that!

Mackenzie in one of her halloween outfits earlier this week.
M got a Halloween gift from Miss Shannon too. Veggie Tales, Yogurt Melts and a Teething Toy. Thanks Miss Shannon!!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!

Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tonight, we went to a local Pumpkin Patch. When I got home from work, Mackenzie was sound asleep in her swing... I hated to wake her up, but we had planned on going all week. We knew if we didn't go tonight, there wouldn't be much to pick from.

The Pumpkin Patch was at Greenwood United Methodist Church. They are raising money for their mission team to go on a mission trip to "Shadow of His Wings" orphanage in Monjas, Jalapa, Guatemala.

We had a really good time, and I have big plans for the big pumpkin that we picked out! I am hoping that we can carve it tomorrow night.

I worked on Mackenzie's Halloween costume last night and I honestly squealed after it was pieced together. I am going to Gina's this week to embroider some stuff on it, then I will post pictures. She will be the cutest Minnie Mouse I have ever seen!

Look A Like

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mackenzie and I are dressed a like today!

When we get around in the mornings, I get myself dressed and get her dressed right before we leave. I guess I am drawn to the colors that are already in my head because I do this a lot!!

Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I know, I know...I have been MIA for a few weeks! Kaci has been harassing me daily to update this and I guess she isn't going to give in! :)

Wednesday night, Kaci came and stayed the night with us. She came over to see Mackenzie but since she was already asleep, I convinced her that she should stay :)
Mackenzie and her KayKay friday morning.. Mackenzie's cousin Kali got her this cute apples outfit at a sale in OKC. Kaci and I watched 6 episodes of One Tree Hill before she headed back to school.

I cleaned up the house and made M some baby food before we left town..

Mom, Memaw, Mackenzie and I headed to Oklahoma City on Thursday night. Memaw is staying with Aunt Tommie and Uncle Dickey for a few weeks. Friday morning we got up and headed to Affair of the Heart -It is a HUGE craft fair... A lot like War Eagle here in Arkansas.

Ran into Shaina, Tonia and Lindsey while we were there!

Mackenzie was loving all the attention she was getting! :)

We only got M to take a couple very very short naps while we were there. I know this looks awful but we have to lay her stroller all the way down and lay her on her tummy.. That is the only way she will sleep in that thing! (Notice her turkey bow? I made that!!! :))

Mackenzie LOVES Kali! She just stared at Kali the whole time we were in OKC.

Saturday morning we had a brutal 11:20 am kickoff for the Razorback/Ole Miss game..(That is wayy to early!!) We barely made it up there in time - I am so glad that Dustin stayed home with Mackenzie for this game. We had to evacuate out seats twice to get under cover because the storms were so bad.

Mom bought me FroggTogg (Rain Suit) this week and I am so thankful she did!! When we got to go back to our seats, I kept telling her we couldn't sit down because we would get wet - she convinced me that this stuff really works! I am totally convinced now! It was a miracle!

We beat Ole mis 38-24!!! GO HOGS!!!

Kaci is in ZTA Sorority and Saturday was Dads Day. We went to the house, ate BBQ and toured the house. Here is Kaci and her daddy on the front porch!

Kaci with one of her ZTA sisters

Mom, Kaci, and Duffy

Grandma Linda is in from Florida and she got to come with us to the game!

Me and Kac!

Here is sweet Mackenzie after her bath tonight. I love this sweet face!!

It seems like today I have chased Mackenzie everywhere!! She is starting to crawl - Dustin calls it the inch worm because she gets on all fours and just flops forward til she gets where she wants to go. I don't know if you can see in the pic but she has also started this weird move! We get so tickled over her.

I made my very first Game Day dress tonight! I am loving it! Can you believe that this is made out of a XL tshirt?

Also, as I was sewing away tonight Dustin brought me my phone because I had some text messages and I was completely surprised to find out that MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED!! :) YAY! Congrats Andie and Brian! I can't wait til the Big Day! :)

Pep Rally

Friday, October 08, 2010

Yesterday morning, I dropped Mackenzie off at Mrs. Sherry's and we headed out the door! We stopped in Allen, TX for some great shopping! I just love Carter's and Gymboree Outlets! When we left the outlet mall, we headed straight for the pep rally... It is so good seeing hog fans in Texas!

The Pep Rally was at the Hilton Anatole Hotel.. This place is so nice!

Sooie was in love with my camera! She was cheesing big time!!

Miss Shannon, Sooie and mom

Miss Shannon, Big Red, and Mom

Big Red!

Keith brought baby tusk this trip!
The older Razorbacks don't do as well on long trips...

Petting Tusk..

They are training Baby Tusk to hopefully lead the Razorbacks as they take the field in a couple years.... Keith let him come out of the trailer for just a little bit at the pep rally

Chip (Keith's Son) taught baby tusk how to sit! Isn't he the cutest?

His treats were grapes... I think he ate the entire bag!

One of our great finds at the Coach Outlet!
Mom is definitely taking this to the game today!!

Game starts in 6 hours!!! I already heard on ESPN this morning that they are picking Arkansas as an upset today! WHAT??? They said we just can't bounce back from the upset against the NUMBER 1 ALABAMA!!! The only upset that will occur today is if the traffic is so bad that we can't make it to Sam Moon after the game! :)


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