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Friday, February 25, 2011

Today, I am linking up to Kelly's Show Us Your Life Friday! Thanks for visiting!

The story behind Mack's Boutique: As soon as we found out we were having a baby girl, I knew I wanted to start making some of her clothes. When I left my job in December, I needed some extra cash, so I put my stuff on Facebook and recently started an Etsy Store. I started a new job this week, but I am still making clothes on the side for extra money. I hope you enjoy! :)
Paisley Pillowcase Dress

What I love about the Pillowcase Dresses? When they become too small for a dress, they are still a perfect shirt! You can get several months/years use out of these! Dress them up or dress them casual! They are adorable!!

Minnie Pillowcase Dress

Khaki/Pink Onesie dress with Handmade Flower

I do not cut my onesies when making these dresses. By not cutting, it provides a much needed diaper cover!

Black/White Houndstooth Dress with Red Satin Trim

Custom Letter/Bow Onesies

Custom Letter/Rosette Onesies

Hot Pink Converse with Rhinestones and Zebra Laces

These shoes come in several colors, and I can put any ribbon laces that your heart adores!

Black/Cream Damask Pillowcase dress with Pink Trim and Cross

PERFECT for Church!

Green/White Seersucker Ruffle Pants with Pink Ribbon Trim and Bows

I love the pink bows on the outside of both legs!

Rosette Houndstooth Ruffle Pants

LOVE Pillowcase Dress

Custom Aggie Baby Onesie. Can make for any team!

Ruffle butts!

Ellie Reversible Bib

Other side of Ellie reversible bib.. Love the RUFFLES!!

Little Birdie Burp Cloth.

The main section of the birdie is made with Brown Chenille

Greenwood Pillowcase Dress

Can make for any team!

That is it for the preview of some Baby Boutique Clothes... Now on to my most recent Loves!

Ladies Clothes!

Go Hogs!

Arkansas "A"
Perfect for Baseball Games!!

Amy Butler Cross on Old Navy Shirt

This shirt comes in several colors, let me know if you are interested in a certain color!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate it so much! If there is anything you would love to have or if you have any questions, you can comment on this post, email me at or you could also come visit my Etsy shop, and I upload the majority of my clothes on my facebook.

My name is Cora Sturgeon, and if you add me on Facebook, please send a little message letting me know that you saw my blog.. I decline lots of people because I have heard too many horror stories of viruses. Thank you again!!!

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