Thursday, December 22, 2011

It is offcial. I have procrastinated on Christmas once again! Everything is bought {i hope} but I still have to wrap everything, and without Dustin here to help me, I just don't want to do it at all. It just isn't the same without him here! Cant wait until he comes home..

In more exciting news.... I had lunch with my friend, Andie, today. She is on Christmas Break and I am completely jealous. She has just recently started the cutest blog.

Here is Andie and Brian on their wedding day this summer in Florida!

{Andie & I}

I am really excited that she has started blogging!!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!

{sick day}

Monday, November 14, 2011

What a day!!

We ended up in the waiting room at the doctors office today..

I knew M had fever last night but associated it with all the drooling and assumed she was getting a new tooth. This morning, she was so congested and wheezy, so I knew we needed to get her seen!

It amazes me how not only is every child different, but parents know so much about each of their babies. I can see in this picture how bad she feels just by looking at those eyes!

And oh my goodness.. This baby doesn't sleep anywhere besides her bed, so for her to be sleeping on momma in the waiting room is unbelievable! I hate it when she is sick, but these times are the best cuddle times.

{I know this picture looks so sad, but it is what it is..}

M was running 102 temp when we got back to the nurse, she got Motrin and a breathing treatment before her fever went up to 103 :( after a chest Xray and ANOTHER breathing treatment, she started feeling much better. We usually do her breathing treatments every 4 hours so I got a little nervous when they wanted to do two in 30 minutes.

Thankfully she is feeling much better.. She took a long nap when we got home, we got her some medicine to help, and she ate a little bit of dinner before her bath time..

{I am obsessed with this girl}

Miss Priss was playing with some papers after we dried her hair..

And this

She grabbed the finger nail clippers that I had in the living room, then grabbed my hand and acted like she was cutting my nails. Such a girl!


I have been watching the Gabrielle Giffords story on ABC tonight and just sobbing. She has made such an amazing recovery since being shot in the head, but the reason I think it is so amazing, is how sweet her husband is. He is completely committed to her. By the way, how awesome is their wedding picture?

Hopefully we have a smooth night tonight.. Lots of breathing treatments for us in the next couple days.

{Sundays at Nene and Pops}

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I took Mackenzie to my parents house after our Sunday nap!

It was a crazy 79 degrees here today so M got to run and play

She is growing so fast! I love hearing her learn new words!

Mom and I took her to the neighbors for just a little bit to play with Mary Grace and the twins, Lily and Lucy. I can't believe that M is as tall as the twins. They turned 2 in September and M is 19 months.

AND.... Mom and I got our Erin Condren planners in the mail this weekend!
I am so obsessed with this and cannot wait until I fill this baby out!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

{Veteran's Day}

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran's Day!!

We are so thankful for our veteran!

Dustin had to work yesterday, but after work he went with several of the other guys to eat and look around town.

This was my very first Veteran's Day to be off work. I have been in health care for the last 3 years and it obviously never stops for a holiday, but since the banks and the courthouses were closed yesterday, we got the day off too!!

Mom and I shopped a little bit yesterday and ate at Olive Garden! I had to take a picture of my screen since it was 11/11/11 at 11:11. We ran in to Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Carrie while we were at Warren's... I was so excited to see them and learn that they read this pitiful blog!!! {Hi Girls!}

After we got home, I got M from Mrs. Sherry's, and we cleaned up before we went to McDonald's with my neighbor, Melissa, and her two girls.

This was the best idea! I wanted to get Mackenzie out of the house, but it was too cold to go to a football game or the park. Even though we aren't brave enough to go up the tunnels, she still had fun playing with all the kids.

Before we left, a family came in with a boy a little older than Mackenzie and he followed her around the whole time. :) At first she kept running from him, but then he started giving her hugs, so she shared her slide. haha!

I needed to run to Walmart to get some diapers and dog food and I was so glad that Melissa and the girls came with me. They were such a big help pushing Mackenzie around :) I don't know how she does it... I feel like I say "Mackenzie, No!" or "Mackenzie, 1.....2....." constantly, I can't imagine having a double dose of the "no's" And in April, Melissa will have a triple case of the "no's"... she is having a baby boy around Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday!!!

Side story: Yesterday, Mrs. Sherry told me that she got mad at Carsyn and Mackenzie for squirting each other with their bottles {two months ago} and she took them away. I have been having the hardest time breaking M from her bottle so I am glad to know that Sherry has her drinking it out of a sippy cup now. She said she was so flustered that day that she completely forgot to tell me. So we also bought the exact Sippy cup that Sherry uses. Hopefully this works!

Our girls were glued to Mackenzie's Dvd Player we keep in the car. She watches the same Veggie Tales movie every single time we get in the car :)

I went to Melissa's after we got back and the girls were playing a dance game on the Wii. It was so funny watching all of the girls dance... It had to be even funnier when Melissa and I gave it a shot!

{Daylight Savings Torture}

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

After getting home super late from the ball game, and having to
change time, it has made for a pretty rough start of our week!

Mackenzie is a creature of habit.
Ok, and so am I.

It has been some hard work on my part to entertain this girl until its nap/bed time. Thankfully, she has been so tired by the time she goes to bed (at 7:00!) that she has slept 11 straight hours both nights this week!

I will be glad to see more of the sweet smiles!

I am not sure if this is just a phase, but M has been throwing some awful fits :(
Like hitting any thing in sight {including me!} and screaming crying if she doesn't get her way. I am trying super hard to stay consistent with her, there are some days I have to put her in her bed and cry in my room for a few minutes and then I am okay!

Sometimes, we all just need a few minutes to ourselves....

So... after Mackenzie checked her E-Mail..

And tweeted to all her friends,

we decided we would get out of the house for a bit.

And off to Mrs. Melissa's she went!

This cracks me up. Sierra and Allie were doing all kinds of handstands, bridges and rolls and Mackenzie kept putting her head on the ground trying to do all the tricks too!

I had to carry her back to the house, because she didn't want to leave the girls!

We were headed to Target to just look around, and on the way I realized that I couldn't find my wallet! I searched in my car the best I could in the dark and decided to go to the store anyways since I had my debit card on me. I did end up getting a new top for $4.80!! and I have seen a tutorial on Pinterest for turning womens dress socks in to Baby Leg Tights so I grabbed a cute polka dot pair for $2.50!

I did end up finding my wallet the next day in my car.. it had fallen out of my purse and in to my passenger door! I had everyone searching for that stinkin thing!

Hopefully y'all are adjusting to the time change better than we are!!

{Nana and Homecoming}

Monday, November 07, 2011

I forgot to post last week that my sister came to town!

Mrs. Sherry took off on Thursday and Friday to go visit family, so we asked Hannah (Nana) to come watch Mackenzie. They had such a good time together. M does so good for Nana.. like freakishly good. On Friday, she took a 4 HOUR NAP! She hasn't napped that long in a while...

Friday, I did two closings all by myself at work! (I know I told y'all last week that my parents signed papers on a new company... I now work for them doing Abstract and Title work. I promise more on that this week.)

Anyways, my mom gets these really bad muscle spasms in her neck (I guess taking over a new business and having to put my Memaw in the nursing home stresses a girl out ya know?) so Mackenzie and I met her in Fort Smith when she got out of the doctor. We ate at El Chico's and M was tearing up her chips in tiny pieces before she would eat them. We started calling her Uncle Ricky, because he always did that.

Saturday morning, Mackenzie read her bible. haha!
I keep this on her night stand with her baby monitor, and she pulled it off, brought it in the living room, sat down in her chair and started flipping through the pages!

Then it was time to get ready to cheer on the HOGS!

I tried so hard to get pictures of her calling the hogs, but she does it so fast that I can only catch parts of it. I need to get a video of it!



My girl and I before we left!

Me, Mom, Shannon and Jessica at the game!

We are so glad the Hogs played better this week.. We had such a good time!

Mackenzie woke up as soon as I walked in the door at Dustin's parents. I thought she was going to jump out of the Pack n Play before I could get to her! Except for pulling poop out of her diaper, I am pretty sure she was good for her Grandma!

If you were worried, haha, we did get our pom poms at the game! My arm was so tired after using it all game! Annddd... LSU ended up beating Alabama! I really was shocked! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

(oh and here is a short video of boss hog busting a move before the game.
seriously, we have the best seats! )

{Homecoming on the Hill}

Saturday, November 05, 2011

It's Razorback Victory Day!!

We are heading up the hill in a few hours! Hopefully we make it to our seats early, there will be pom poms on all the seats, so we will have to get there before ours are taken!

Mackenzie is going to cheer on the Hogs at Grandma & Grandpas house!
I am sure she will still be awake when we pick her up around midnight.. She has too much fun to sleep when she is out at Washburn Valley!

I am loving her outfit that I made her a few weeks ago!
(I am going to have to make her another shirt.. she is just too tall!)



My [super talented] cousin, Kali, made this cute Razorback Pumpkin!

She even attached the spikes going across the back. Isn't this precious?

Hope everyone has a great Game Day! Really pulling for Alabama to beat LSU today! {There is a tiny possibility that if Bama wins and we win out, we could get a chance to go to the ROSE BOWL! Ultimate Check off from the Bucket List!}

Happy Friday!!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Happy Friday!!

My Pooh Bear reading girl and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!

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