-Pictures, Church, and Back to Work-

Monday, March 21, 2011

This weekend was so great! On Saturday, we took Mackenzie to see Wendy to get her pictures made with these two adorable bunnies!

She was more than excited to play with them!

The bunnies were not so excited to see her though :) This one is trying to bail!

Wendy tagged me in these two pictures on Facebook so I had to share! I can't wait until Saturday.. that is when we get to see all the pictures! :)

And this is where I have to be completely unselfish and tell you all that Dustin and I aren't perfect! Wait.. Did you just fall out of your seat? :)

My heart has been pretty heavy for TWO weeks! I have prayed for this feeling to go away, but I know this is the only way to fix the burden. I love having my blog as my outlet, my "look how precious my child is" spot, and our scrapbook. But, I also want Mackenzie to be able to read/see the truth even when it's not the best.

Dustin and I fought Saturday. And I mean Fought. On the way to get Mackenzie's pictures made. Perfect. At this point, I was glad I had been sick... because my eyes were so swollen from crying that I could blame it on the allergies :)

We both said the usual hurtful things that people say to each other when we fight.

But the great thing is... We had come to an agreement before we even pulled in the parking lot.

I need Mackenzie to know that her parents work on their relationship every single day. It isn't hard every single day, but it is always work. You have to communicate and compromise every day. And as important as that sweet and very quiet baby was in the car that morning.. Our relationship came first. And we moved forward. And she was there. And she will be there when she is 15. Watching the same arguments and the same make ups. We won't have all of our "discussions" in front of her... But the ones that need to be talked about right then will have to be taken care of right then.

Andie came over to see me that night.. Her fiance is in Alaska working for the next couple months, and that means I have 100% permission to drive her crazy. We talked about how we used to get so scared our parents were going to divorce just because they got into a fight. And now we laugh because we were so crazy. So, we will continue to work on our relationship every day. Just like my parents do, and Andie's parents do, and Andie will - even while Brian is thousands of miles away.

Sunday morning, we went to church! We watched a really good Nooma video, and discussed how Christians are under a microscope every day. Those people who say they don't believe, they are watching us all of the time. And that is where my heavy heart got heavy answers. I knew I had to be unselfish and share the imperfection in our life instead of only showing the great things. Because somewhere... At some point, someone will see that Dustin and I are not perfect at all, but Jesus loves us just like he loves our baby, and our neighbors that don't go to church, and even the people that were arrested for child abuse last week. He loves everyone. He doesn't discriminate.

Sunday night, my sister and cousin Tyler came to visit. I didn't get a picture of Ty because Mackenzie was not in to him that night. I joked that she didn't like him because her daddy told her to tell him if there were boys at home when he wasn't. :)

After being off work for almost a week with pneumonia, Mackenzie and I got up this morning, and brushed our teeth with our combs,

And got back on schedule this morning!

I know how you feel Mackenzie.... It is Monday and the Bachelor is over for the season..

But who wants to eat dinner outside to make it a great day? :)

I hope everyone has a great week! If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for not clicking the close button! haha! :)

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  1. I LOVE your honesty Cora! That is life for sure.
    M's looks are really changing. I thought she looked so much like her daddy but I am starting to see alot of you!

  2. Thank you for being real Cora! I know it's hard sometimes to write about the good AND the bad. I know it makes me feel vulnerable when I share real stuff like that. But I think that's EXACTLY how Jesus wants us to be. Transparent with each other! Thank you for sharing that! I wish we could see you guys more often!!! LOVE the bunny pictures!! :)

  3. Those pictures are so precious! I know those kind of fights just make you want to throw your hands up! Bless your sweet heart, hang in there. When we are trying to do right satan gets even busier!


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