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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tonight, we had to run a few errands in Fort Smith. I had to run some of my clothing by a children's boutique and they might be putting me to work on the side very soon! :) And, Dustin needed some more wood for the kitchen play set!

We stopped by El Zarape for dinner... I love how quick and cheap this place is!

And Mackenzie loves watching the men run from table to table! Haha!!

After we came home, I dug in to my trash t.v. My guilty pleasures on Friday nights are Super Nanny and What Would You Do... (By the way, I have guilty tv pleasures for every night of the week that only my friend Andie would understand! It is kinda embarrassing all the random shows I watch!) :) haha!

So back to the shows, I am so intrigued by the people on What Would You Do? I used to wonder if I would say something or if I would just pass by.. I have decided that if I were with just anyone, I would do the nice thing and walk on by. But, when my mom and I are together, we have this way of saying something sweet to each other but we are really loudly saying "SERIOUSLY, What are they thinking?"

I am pretty sure my mom should have been the star on this weeks show! She went to the Fort Smith Mall this week where she saw a lady in Dillard's carrying a SKUNK like a baby! I kid you not! Surely that was set up? And tonight, we sat right beside 3 teenagers that decided to play Never Have I Ever.... Girls, I don't care to know that you have had 3 One Night Stands and you are only in the 8th grade!

Don't worry, we quickly explained to Mackenzie that a one night stand is where you sleep standing up all night! hahaha!!

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  1. She looks SO grown up Cora!!!

    That makes me sad about the 8th grade girls. I wish they knew what they were doing to themselves. Breaks my heart :(


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