Arkansas - Bama Game

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Last Saturday, we went to the Arkansas - Alabama game while Dustin's parents watched Mackenzie. This game was HUGE! By far the most anticipated game at home for us in a very long time. My sister and several of her friends took turns camping out all week... They pitched a tent and would camp out while not attending class.

Mom and Dad picked Dustin and I up early Saturday morning, and we stopped and ate at Calico County before heading up the 'Hill'

When we got to the game (before the gates were even open!!) we unloaded Memaw's wheelchair and pushed her up the hill - We have wonderful parking so that wasn't too bad!! Well not for me anyways, because I didn't actually push her up the hill... Dustin did. :)

After the gates opened, Dustin and Duff walked Memaw to our seats while mom and I took the wheelchair back to the car... before going into the stadium, we went to see Tusk! Isn't he a cutie? :)

The Silver Wings hand delivered the game ball. This was so neat to watch!

Susan, me and mom at the game!

This was by far the absolute best football game I have ever been to in my entire life!! The crowd was amazing! The stadium was so loud that we couldn't even hear the band play. We scored in 50 seconds of the start of the game!! I have never yelled, jumped, screamed and hollered more in my life!

We stayed ahead the entire game....Until the late 6 minutes - then it all fell apart :( we ended up losing to the number 1 team {24-20} Still not bad for the number 10 team to hold them so well, but when you are that close to the win... who wouldn't be upset?

The school set a record Saturday in attendance... 76,808 fans! That is the third time in Arkansas' history that more than 76,000 fans attended!

Jerry Jones was also at the game!!

We also heard that Lebron James, Beyonce, and Jay Z were on Dickson the night before.

And Kris Allen was there to help Call those Hogs!!

If you look really closely you can see Kaci's blonde head!
She had a blast at the game!

We took my sweet Memaw with us to the game. She had not been to a razorback game since before my time! She had such a good time! I am so glad that we got to take her - Even though she befriended a very intoxicated fan! :) She had no clue why he was acting so weird!

Next Saturday, we are playing Texas A&M at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!! :) Mom, Shannon and I are leaving for the game on Friday! I cannot wait!

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