I'm Stuck!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am so glad I can blog again! I have actually been trying for a couple of days and Blogger had some weird things going on... I had to share this.

This weekend Mackenzie was supposed to be napping in her room when she started crying and wouldn't stop. I finally peeked in at her and all I can see is her laying on her tummy trying to lift her head up to look at me.

Her crib has several wood panels with gaps in between.... She had gotten both legs stuck in the gaps!! I have no idea how she did this.. it wasn't like she just had her calves through the bars, those big ole hams were stuck too!

I was too panicked to take a picture since she was still crying so I did the logical thing and tried to pick her up the normal way {Pulling her from under her arms!} That girl was STUCK!

I finally had to rotate her legs and give them a big push through... Look how red her knees and thighs are!! To top it off, I didn't even realize she had pulled her arm through her shirt while she was stuck in her bed.

She is a mess! :)

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