Monday, August 15, 2011

The last two night have been.. HORRIBLE!!
Last night Mackenzie would scream forever when we put her in her bed.

Her normal bedtime is at 7 but the last few months, she would go in her room around 6:30 and hold on to her crib until we would lay her down...Which is heavenly since she would sleep til 6:30 in the morning.

Last night after about an hour of screaming, a dose of Tylenol and Oragel for her teeth, we went for a drive. We stopped and let her play with a friend for 30 minutes and she did wonderful. She still wasn't tired when we left so we drove out to Deer Woods and watched all the deer roaming around while M talked our ears off.. Finally at 9:00 we came home and she went right to bed.

Tonight was the same thing :( I went for a walk with my neighbor when we laid M down and she apparently cried the whole time. Tonight ended with us moving this HUGE 1990's Magnavox out of our Craft Room and on to her used-to-be-precious dresser. Veggie Tales was a huge success!

I hope we can figure out what her problem is... If we even took her in her room she would throw a fit {with REAL tears!!}

Teething or Temper Tantrum?

Please don't tell me it's Terrible Two's starting terribly early?

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