More Patriotic Clothes/No TV

Thursday, July 07, 2011

My sweet girl is still sporting all of her red, white and blues! She has had the best week since Mrs. Sherry is back from vacation! I love the smell of the sunscreen/bug spray in her hair when she gets home :)

I made her this precious outfit last week, and want to make tons more for her!

Mackenzie had chicken and peaches for dinner.. Sounds gross huh?

We went to the store after work, and by the time we got home, she wanted to eat right then! I made our spaghetti while she ate, and Dustin finished it up while I gave her a bath.

And this is totally off subject, but Dustin and I decided to turn off our satellite tv over a month ago and we are loving it! I will admit that I wasn't super happy about it at first, and I still do miss some of my trash tv. I have been watching some of my favorite shows on the internet for FREE!! You usually have to wait til the next night to see them but that is fine with me! I have just been watching The Bachelorette, Combat Hospital, Army Wives, Flashpoint and One Tree Hill. Now that Big Brother just started back tonight, I plan on watching that a lot!

And we have discovered the Redbox movies at Walmart. You can rent a new released movie for $1 a night. And since we signed up on our email, we are watching The Switch for free tonight! Woo Hoo :)

And, it is forcing me to blog more! Double Bonus :)

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