Vintage Baseball Nursery

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When we found out we were expecting a baby boy, I kept going back to the Vintage Baseball theme for his Nursey. Dustin thinks Baseball is the only sport to ever exist. He is shocked I have bought more baseball items than Football since that is the only sport that exists in my world!
Duff and Kaci primed and painted Mason's room one weekend for me while Mom and I did some major cleaning and hauling junk out to the curb! We redid Mackenzie's room about the same time we started his room so we just moved the furniture out of her room and in to his.
The picture above his dresser, the laundry hamper and the Mason Jar (See what I did there?) all came from Hobby Lobby. However, the cutie in that bouncer seat did not come from Hobby! Our sweet neighbors have a little boy born almost a year before Mason so they let us borrow their bouncer seat, swing and nap nanny.. Not to mention they filled our dresser and closet with everything Ethan has outgrown.
His bedding came from Blessed Baby courtesy of my mom and his rug came from Ikea. I took these pictures two weeks before we had Mason so his bags were packed in the corner. The white night stand came from TJ Maxx.. It is actually made for a bathroom but I turned the baskets around so you cant see the "Towels" wording on the front.
The "M" came from Hobby and the old glove belongs to Pop.

Mason's Changing Table..
(that picture is hanging on the wall now!) 

Even though it is dark, here is a panoramic picture of his room.
I am in love with his room! So light and not cluttered at all!
What I love most about his room is that he sleeps in his crib from 9pm to 6am! Woo Hoo!!

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