Mother's Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three days in a row to Blog? I have officially impressed myself!
 This crazy girl wore her plastic Cinderella heels to Mrs. Sherrys 4 out of the 5 days she was there last week. We were all dying over it! Thanks Mimi Shannon :) And of course Dora had to come too!
I love that little white house in the back. I know I take for granted going by there twice a day. Smells just like grandmas house.. Fried Chicken and Love.
Safety first for Dora too!
Ethan got this little car for his first birthday, and Mackenzie kicks him out of it every time we are over! I love how this picture looked like she took off with him flying back.
I love these two so much!! And the fact that they both let me sleep all night makes my heart so happy.. I am hoping that Mason continues to sleep 9pm-6am!

We decided to all go to Little Rock for the day to just eat, shop and do something different than always running to Fort Smith or Fayetteville. We ate at Bravo, an Italian place and it was to die for! Hannah and Kaci got the best spinach and chicked flatbread!

Mackenzie and Nana

Mason with Nana!
Our waitress brought Mackenzie some raw bread dough to let her play while we waited on her meal... I think I had just as much fun as she did. She is in to crocodiles for the moment so that is what we made and they took it back and cooked it for her!
Next Stop: Gigi's Cupcakes!

This Sprite was heavenly in that aluminum bottle! Oh so cold!
Erik got an internship working at a hotel in Florida so Mackenzie had to say her goodbyes to her boyfriend for a little bit! Can't wait to go see him this summer! She loves her some Erik!

Mackenzie told us that her and her brother were both coloring :)
We went to church Sunday Morning! Love this girl so much and so glad she made me a Mom!
I have honestly laughed on my way to work every day this week at Becky and Beau both hitting their heads on the wall during Life Group. Love all of the friends we have made through that class over the last four years!

We took dinner to Memaw at the Nursing Home Sunday night.
Was good to get to visit with her on Mother's Day!
So... My mom lets Mackenzie get in her make up drawer when we are over and Sunday night was no exception. I let her bring one tube of lipstick home with us and this happened within a matter of minutes...

I die.
She really did bring me back to life on Mother's Day! What a mess! :)

With Mason right after his bath!
I still can't believe that I have 2 kids! TWO. How is that even possible? I am loving every minute of the chaos at our house! Mason has really started to light up when we talk to him and Mackenzie always says "Mommy, you are my best friend." You are mine too sister!

Here is a sweet video of Mackenzie feeding Mason. If you hear some explosions, it is my heart literally bursting!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Love this lipstick all over!!

    BTW I have laughed several times about Beau & I both hitting our heads in class. I make fun of him then I do it. HA!

    Let's get those little lala loopsy's & football players together soon!!


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