-Hair and Miss Arkansas-

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today was just one of those days... I have been in a mood all week. My job has been stressing me out and Mackenzie just isn't sleeping on her normal schedule.. My mom text me today and asked if I would swing by my Memaws' house and visit with her and help her put some curtains up that had fallen down. Honestly, I was in a mood and wasn't all that excited about going by there. Awful, I know.... I love Memaw to death, I just couldn't wait to get home today.

When I stopped by, she could not wait to show me this picture! This is Memaw holding my mom when she was a baby! I was sooooo glad I got to see this! Everyone always asks where Mackenzie gets her hair from and I never have an answer. And here it is.. Mackenzie gets all that beautiful hair from her NeNe! It amazes me how much the back of my moms head looks just like M's! I was so upset with myself for just wanting to go home!

Here is what Memaw wrote on the back of this picture over 40 years ago. It is so ironic, because this is what random strangers stop us everyday and say....

"Look the black hair"

This is the only decent picture I could find of the back of Mackenzie's head.

And, here is Mackenzie with her cousin Kathryn... She left today for the Miss Arkansas Pageant! I can't wait to hear how she does! I know she will do great!

Good Luck Kathryn!

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  1. Wow Cora! That is awesome! & what a sweet picture!!!


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