Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday, I stopped by Memaw's house

Mackenzie's hair was a mess but how do you keep a 3 1/2 month old with perfect hair? I guess a good spit bath never hurt anyone! :)

I didn't realize how big Mackenzie was until I was watching Kaci feed her. It makes me so sad how quickly time flies! Everyone says oh just wait it gets better... I am completely happy with the way things are with her this size. Yes it is a ton of work but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

This amazes me. Mackenzie loves to suck her middle finger and her ring finger.. The only person I have ever seen do this is Mackenzies' Aunt Kaci. It amazes me that she does things that come from our families. I never expected that she would act like her aunts or uncles!!

Dustin and I did a ton of cleaning this weekend! I finally cleaned out my spare bedroom. I have pictures but I am almost too embarrassed to even show those! We shampooed the carpet and found a little bit of change laying around the house! :) I'm thinking this could go toward a wonderful vacation!

Mackenzie has been eating very runny oatmeal through a bottle for several weeks now. The girl wanted to eat all the time!! This has helped get her full in the mornings so she won't eat every hour during the day. Saturday night we decided that we would spoon feed her the oatmeal. She did so great!

I think the girl liked it!

I asked Dustin if he knew how much we should feed her. She threw up everyday last week on Miss Andie so I was afraid of over feeding her.. She let me know when she was finished by screaming with oatmeal in her mouth! Who knew what a mess she could make with food already!! I was not prepared for that at all! :)

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