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Thursday, September 30, 2010

....Opples and Bononos

Since Mackenzie has been born, I have probably sang this song to her at least a thousand times! I know everyone around me is getting sick of hearing it! {Right Mom? :)} I started making Mackenzie's baby food a little while back and so far she has had carrots and green beans. Duffy calls Mackenzie 'Queen of the Del Monte Green Bean Team'

I have been dying to make apple and banana baby food, so Dustin ran to the store for me tonight...It dawned on me while he was gone that I have been wanting these because I am singing this song so much!

Bananas are by far the easiest baby food I have made so far!
I chopped up 6 bananas and threw them in the blender

Hit the Puree button and in about 30 seconds I had completed her baby food!
How easy is that?

I also peeled and cored one of the apples - steamed them on the stove, and mixed it with some bananas. We ran out of storage space for the rest of the apples, so I will make the rest of the apples this weekend.

Then, we served them to a very cute little girl! She absolutely loved the bananas! I think she was disappointed when her daddy fed her the very last bite!

I think Dustin was pretty impressed that I was making baby food and our dinner at the exact same time (Hey, I am pretty impressed myself! :)

The containers with the green lids are what I usually store her baby food in and put in the freezer.. Some are still in the freezer with carrots so I got out these ice cube trays. Dustin's mom got us these from Ikea. They are so cute! The ones on the left are fish and the ones on the right are hearts.

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  1. Hey, if you have a crock pot you can put your peeled and cored apples in there w/ some water on low and go about your evening/work day and by the time you get home or whenever you can practically mash the apples w/ a fork!
    You can do the same thing w/ sweet potatoes too!


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