Saturday, December 25, 2010

On Christmas Eve, we stayed the night at my parents house. Dustin did Christmas with his parents and brother at midnight, where he received his iPhone 4!!! Mackenzie did not sleep good at.all. She was up three times, and she was ready to play every time she woke up. Finally, we broke down and all got up around 7...

We open all our gift at my Memaw's on Christmas morning. We were going to let M play with all her Santa gifts while we passed out everyone else's gift, and that is when her meltdown started! She was starving so Aunt Hannah fed her and we got back to business!

Mackenzie in front of the Christmas tree before the gifts were passed out!

Yes, we gave her a candy cane! :) For just a minute - and she loved it!

Playing with her new baby doll from Aunt Audie..

The paper and bows were a huge hit! :)

My mom got her a cell phone toy

So Duffy gets Hannah, Kaci and I pajamas every year for Christmas from Victoria's Secret... And since M is the new woman in his life he thought she should have some pj's too.... Hers came from Children's Place, but she had to have her own VS box! (And btw he got me the cutest razorback pjs from VS.... The top says I only sleep in red and white! how cute is that?)

She has loved pulling up on all the boxes laying around!

Can you guess what we got for Christmas?
Along with my awesome new Embroidery Machine!!

Mackenzie and Brandon (Bubba) :)

We went to Dustin's parents house around noon and did gift with them too... Mackenzie got a precious American Girl Baby Doll ( I LOVE ) new clothes, and a portable dvd player from Aunt Pam! She also got a Baby Alive that is machine washable!

She hadn't had a nap all day, so we were so glad she took a 2 1/2 hour nap at her Grandparents house!

Aunt Tommie got Mackenzie these really cute Santa booties! I could eat those legs up!!

Daddy and Mackenzie!

I am awful! I did not get one family picture of us on Christmas day! :(

We had a wonderful 1st Christmas with Mackenzie...

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  1. How fun Cora! Christmas with little ones are the best!!!


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