Life Group Christmas Party

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last night, we had our Christmas Party for our Life Group. We picked up Mackenzie from Mrs. Sherry's and got her bathed, fed, wrapped gifts, grabbed some food for the potluck, and got ourselves ready in 2 hours! (And we weren't late!) :)

Getting Mackenzie's shoes on! She could not figure out why we were getting dressed up at bedtime.

In her cute Christmas dress that I made! :)

Love her!

Notice the cheesy smiles every time daddy holds her?

We had a lot of fun. We ate and played dirty santa. Dustin started out with the CUTEST Razorback ornament that Angela painted, but Lindsey B. stole it from him. And, I started out with a vintage Razorback, but sweet Shaina stole him :) We ended up with bamboo place settings, candy cane decorations, bath oil, and a picture frame! It was a lot of fun.

This sweet girl wasn't just the angel that I hoped she would be in the nursery... She slept for about an hour, then she was ready to be home in her bed! When we did get home, she was ready to play!

She loves playing with her Christmas tree. We let her wind down for a little bit before we put her to bed. She didn't even make a peep when we laid her down. She was wore out! :) She let us sleep until 8 this morning too... and that was Awesome!
I am loving these sweet pajamas from Children's Place.

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  1. She did look so cute lastnight & I love those pajamas!
    Lastnight was a lot of fun. We have a great group!

  2. Aww...I wish we would have gone! Love her christmas dress!


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