Baby Shower for Landen

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A couple weeks ago, all of our family spent the weekend in Oklahoma City for Stephanie's Baby Shower. We had such a great weekend!

Headed to the shower!
{Well, not Dustin! He stayed with the guys watching football}

Love seeing Landen's name at the shower

This shower room was super precious. The people who own it, also own a children's boutique next door and they did all the decorations. Check out the wood fence along the wall on the left and all the tables were decorated so cute.

Strawberries and Cupcakes can sure dirty up a white smocked dress :)

Mackenzie ran all over the room during the shower {with her squeaky shoes on} haha!

Steph opening all of her gifts!

I monogrammed these gifts for Stephanie and Dustin found them the cutest mini John Deere wagon that we put all the clothes in and I completely forgot to get a picture :( But I am hoping a certain baby boy is small enough to lay in it for some newborn pictures? haha!

My cousin Kali always comes up with the best gifts! She made her brother this awesome hunting vest FULL of baby items along with gloves and tongs for those dirty diapers! She also stamped cowboy stuff on a lot of diapers that turned out soo cute!

Kali made Dustin and 'Daddy on Duty' diaper bag that was full of fun things like this when we had our baby shower. We still get the biggest kick out of it :)

My child has definitely learned to have a verrryyy STRONG opinion. And she obviously didn't want her picture made... Could have something to do with me going MIA into the cute baby boutique? Who knows? :)

The expecting couple!

I cannot wait for Mackenzie's baby cousin to get here! They dated for like 15-16 years before they got married in October 2009, so to say their family is ready is an understatement.

Congrats guys! Love yall!

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  1. Cora! I had to miss the shower since Jay and I are now in North Carolina. Mom and Robin were there and dais it was a really sweet shower! Thanks for posting the pictures...I can't wait to meet Landon!! Staci


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