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Saturday, September 03, 2011

This week we had lots of family in. My Great Aunt passed away and all of her services were this week. She is from California, so I got to meet a lot of family!

We went to church on Sunday, but not before snapping some pictures! My mom got me these Jessica Simpson white skinny jeans this weekend, and I could not wait to wear them!

{M is really big in to counting to three and us tossing her up in the air}

Sunday night, we went to mom's for dinner with all of the family!

I went to Visitation by myself on Tuesday night, and we had the funeral on Wednesday.

All the fam from California loved picking on us for our Southern' accents....I really don't even realize that I have an accent! Isn't "y'all" in everyones vocabulary? I guess not!! :)

Thursday night, we took M to play at Dustin's parents and watched Big Brother!

I am so glad that Becky reads all of the spoilers because I couldn't wait to find out who won HOH! I can't believe I would actually say this, but I am kinda rooting for Rachel now. I don't like any of the new people and Jordan won last season. I LOVVEE Jordan, but it makes more sense for Rachel to win to me.....

Anywho.. Last night, I took a shirt of Mackenzie's that had a stain on it and chopped it up and created a new Razorback dress for her to wear to church tomorrow! It is now her Razorback Victory dress.

We are heading to drop M off at Granny and Grandpa's house to play with their new pups, while we go call the HOGS!!

Game day pictures and Razorback Victory Dress to come!!

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  1. Sorry about your loss :(

    You two girls are too pretty!!!! Sweet M is getting SO big!


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