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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We went to the Growing Kids Sale tonight!

When Mackenzie was a newborn, I decided I was going to check this place out and drag my mom with me while doing it.. It was not all that I had thought it would be. We went on the last day when most everything was 50% off and we barely got anything. I was so disappointed and told mom I would never attempt that again..

...UNTIL, my friend Hayle called yesterday :)

She sells all of her kids stuff at the sale, and buys most of their toys/clothes for the next season. She had an extra arm badge since she worked an extra shift so she offered it to me!

Dustin and I took M with us tonight and got all of this awesome stuff! I am honestly so excited. Something about a good sale that gets women all giddy. Mackenzie and her daddy roamed around while I did all of the shopping. Dustin grabbed some cute camo things for a new baby cousin we are getting soon!

These pictures are kind of blurry, but we got Mackenzie several items to last through this fall/winter. On top is a Petit Ami smocked dress that I picked up for dirt cheap.

I also snagged some Polo Jeans for $2!!

We even got her two very nice coats for under $25!

We got her a few toys while we were there too!

How cute are all of her new kicks? I am LOVING the blue jean booties and the black crochet ugg look a likes. And see those brown and pink polka dot shoes? They are precious..

What's not precious about them? THEY SQUEAK!! :) I should have looked a little closer!
And see this little cute booger?

This could be a whole blog post of its own!

I momentarily lost my brain and let Mackenzie walk around with me. And she did great... Until we came across this vacuum. I actually pointed it out to her and that was it.

She pushed that loud thing all over the building, and when I even thought about taking it away so we could purchase it? Oh what was I even thinking? You know how there is always that really cute child that is always screaming their head off when you are trying to enjoy your evening??

Let me just tell you that it is awful when that child happens to be yours. I have never been so mortified. We finally decided that I would take M to the car while Dustin checked out. She did scream the whole way out there but what really put me over the edge is when she looked at me and then slapped me across the face....

I am sure we are getting reported for spanking such a cute child in the parking lot, but hey.... she won't do that again. {Hopefully}

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  1. I never do GKS. Looks like some good deals though!

    I can tell you I have SO had moments like that!

  2. I found your blog through Shaina Meeker's blog and I went to school with Dustin. On the squeaker shoes if you look at the heel you can see a white thing. That is the squeaker and they come out so you don't have to listen to it.


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