Prepping for Surgery

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On Sunday, I met my mom and sisters at the mall for a little bit and came across this outfit at Dillard's. Kaci said that Dustin's child had to own this shirt :)

He loved it! And I love this little poser I have on my hands!

I left work early yesterday to take Mackenzie up to the doctors office. She is having surgery on Thursday, and she had to have her blood drawn. She is having her Adenoids removed and he is going to look at her Tonsils as well to determine if they need to come out, and while she is under they are going to do an Environmental Allergy Test on her. We should have an exciting Memorial Day weekend!

She is showing off her bandaid from where they drew blood. After the lady had a couple tubes full, Mackenzie started bleeding like a stuck hog. She had to get another lady grab a ton of gauze to try and help, and then they had me run her to the sink. It finally stopped after a few minutes, and she was rewarded a sucker from the sweet girl!

We came back from the doctors office and barely made it to the gym on time. Thankfully there was hardly anyone there for our Zumba class which is not normal at all, but Jessica made up for it by kicking our tails. I am so sore today!

Playing outside after the gym!

And devoring an omelet for dinner. Check out those long legs!

I love this messy girl! Hoping that she has a speedy recovery after surgery!

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  1. I have been thinking about ya'll! I'll be checking on her Thurs & praying!!

  2. I will be praying for Sweet Girl! Yell if you need me! I am just around the corner!


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