Easter Sunday

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kaci and Erik stayed with me on Saturday night, because Kaci came to church with me on Sunday. We had our services at the PAC at the High School, and I am so glad Kaci went with me.. I don't mind going by myself to our regular service, but since we were out of the norm, I am glad I had some company.

We made Erik do a photoshoot for us :)

 Thanks to our obsession with local boutiques, both of our dresses came from Riffraff
And my mom found Mackenzie's dress off of Zulily
I have ordered so many clothes for Mackenzie on that website! Can't beat the cheap prices!

Kaci and Erik

 I love this sweet girl!

Mackenzie has a boyfriend in the Nursery at Church. It's so sweet. When we leave she only tells Robby bye, and when we had a Easter Egg hunt a couple of weeks ago, M found Robby and gave him every.single.one of her eggs... This girl doesn't share with anyone, so I was shocked!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!
(Even though its 5 days late!)

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