Kali's 30th Birthday

Monday, April 16, 2012

This weekend we went to Oklahoma City for my cousins 30th Birthday Party.

Mackenzie and her cousin Landen are 18 months a part and they had a lot of fun playing this weekend.

And Mackenzie played with Landens puppy, Angus, all day long

Ahh... Life is tough with you are 2!

Mackenzie pushing Landen in his swing.. Look at his sweet face!

My big girl in Landens ride

She wanted to help Landen with everything since she is such a big girl! Notice the death grip on his sippy cup...

Even though it was Kali's 30th Birthday, she made these Elmo cupcakes for M. Aren't they precious?

And here are just a few pictures from our photo shoot! 

Thankfully we weren't near any tornados this weekend!

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