Mommy, Call My Kaci?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mackenzie LOOVVEESS her Aunts!!

We saw Hannah and Kaci quite a bit this weekend for Easter, and M has been begging for them ever since... Erik played with Mackenzie quite a bit on Friday night, and he watched her while we had a girls day on Saturday... to say she is in love with him would be an understatement....

Hannah and Kaci and Erik went back home on Sunday, and Mackenzie has asked to talk to them at least a thousand times... I won't even go into the temper tantrums thrown when I wouldn't call them.

Here are some pictures from Mackenzie talking on the phone with "My Kaci" last night at dinner... 

Rotten Much?

We got to talk to Hannah last night too, but I didn't get any pictures.. It was close to M's bedtime and she was over the phone by then...

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  1. Hope she got her birthday present from her aunt and uncle in SD! We love her too :)


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