St. Thomas: Lindquist Beach

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I can still remember waking up every morning in St. Thomas. Dustin and I (and sometimes Mackenzie) slept with the curtains kept open every single night just to be able to wake up every morning to the sunrise.... which was usually about 6:00 am. I cannot sleep once the sun is up, and every morning I would meet Duff in the kitchen to make a cup of coffee that he already had brewing... I enjoyed every sunrise on the balcony of our awesome villa. Just breathtaking.

Standing on the balcony from mine and Dustins room, this was to the right... You can notice how there is hardly anyone near us at all! Below is a picture in the same direction, just not as zoomed in on the point of the island that comes out...

Just around this ledge leads straight to the famous Magen's Bay. (Which I do have pictures of, just for another day!) I could stare at the ocean all day long and never ever ever get tired of seeing/hearing it.

This was our view we took when driving anywhere... This corner is just right around the house that we stayed in (And since we are on a point on the island, there was only one way in/out) Again.. just breathtaking...

We went to Lindquist Beach (Smith Bay) on the morning of day one... I have possibly read almost everything on the internet about St. Thomas.. and what I have not read, Dustin has. He gave Mackenzie, Kaci and I all history lessons the whole week in St. Thomas!! If you are interested, you can read about Lindquist here... One thing St. Thomas is known for is not ever changing. They are content with everything as it is, and most everything has looked the same for ever and ever.

Here are some pictures of our drive to Lindquist..

This is Hull Bay (we also went there toward the end of our trip) To get to our villa, you actually had to drive through the parking lot of Hull Bay to get to our house! I have a ton of pictures, because I couldn't resist them!

The locals keep there boats here 24/7.

This guy was always hanging out at Drake's Seat --Another historical place we drove by several times a day to get to and from our house!

My handsome driver for the week -- P.S. I might not ever say this out loud, but Dustin did an amazing job driving down the roads in St. Thomas, which is hard to do! His analagy of the roads are "It looks like someone was going uphill around a curve in a concrete truck and just dumped the concrete as they drove without ever smoothing it out"

Here is the water trucks I talked about in yesterdays post..

After pulling over a few times and turning around once, we made it to Lindquist, and I am not hesitant at all when I say it is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. I did love all the beaches at St. Thomas (Heck I like the beach area at a local lake!) But this one was my favorite one! I wish I could have spent more time there!
Dustin, Mackenzie and Kaci in the sand and Nick in the water..

Mom and Hannah in the water toward the boat, Nick closer to shore, Kaci and Dustin playing with the scared.of.the.ocean.toddler and Duffy laying out in the sand.


Kaci and I laying out.. M giving the sun a break

Ahh.. I would give just about anything to be sitting right there right now!

Is there really anything prettier than the Carribbean?

After a few hours of laying out and swimming, we decided the Carribbean sun was starting to turn us a little pink, so we hopped in the car and headed to the Charlotte Amalie area for lunch.

Kaci and I probably changed in the car at least twice a day everyday we were on vacation... While we were headed to eat, Mackenzie said "Umm Daddy..... Kaci's Neeeekkkkiiiiiddd" We were all dying laughing!
I caught this picture on Dustin's iphone as we were pulling out of the parking lot. I cannot believe it turned out this well.. By the way.. Lindquist is crazy full on the weekends, so the weekdays are the most perfect time to go.

We found a little outlet mall area in Charlotte Amalie right next to where the Cruise Ships doc.... There were several Cruise ships in and out all week, so I am sure I have pictures of that area too.

We ate at Fat Turtle for lunch which was right on the beach. Mackenzie spent most of the time laying over the bar area looking at all the fish in the ocean..

St. Thomas is well known for their Pain Killer drinks.. I am pretty sure I had a variation of that drink every single place we ate {The Nilla Killa -vanilla and the Nana Killa - banana} were my favorites!

We headed back home after a late lunch to hang out at the pool and so Nick could cook us dinner! Oh and the Razorbacks were in the College World Series so we stayed up watching that as well! Alex (the house owner) had every single channel imaginable on his satellite!!
And of course.. I sat outside and enjoyed some more of the view!

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  1. These pictures are great!! I am so glad you all had such a great time! That place really does look amazing!!


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