St. Thomas {Getting There}

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey guys!! I finally have enough time to sit down and blog about our vacation/wedding/honeymoon!

I still have pictures scattered all over the place... Our camera, moms camera and there are a few pictures on our iphones. Dustin got home from Afghanistan on Father's Day evening (6/17/12). Duff, Mom, Hannah, Kaci and Erik met Mackenzie and I at the airport with a couple "Welcome Home Dustin" and "Happy Father's Day" posters that Kaci made. He had no idea the whole crew was going to suprise him and he was all smiles! We had dinner at Market Place and headed home so Dustin could get some rest.  We left for St. Thomas, USVI two days later. :)

I worked on Monday and Tuesday, and those days seemed like they were lasting double in time.. Dustin packed the car, picked Mackenzie up from Sherry's and headed to get me from work...

Dustin, Kaci, Mackenzie and I stopped by the nursing home to see Memaw before we left. She didn't go with us, and we wanted to see her before we headed on our trip. Mackenzie loves sitting on Memaws walker!

After Mom got off work, we headed to Russellville to meet Duff, so Kaci and Mom could ride with him to Little Rock.

Mackenzie loved Pop's fish tank in his office!

We got to Little Rock tuesday night...which was an adventure in itself! There was a gas station by our hotel, so Duff and Dustin ran in to get a few drinks and to get Mackenzie some milk... When I say that they were gone FOREVER, that is an understatement. Mackenzie didn't stop screaming the entire time we were in the parking lot, and then mom called me from her car.  The car that was parked in between us had two women inside, with their shirts off.. Shooting Up! With Needles! In the freaking parking lot! I was so disgusted, and the fact that Dustin and Duff were taking forever really started my attitude off great... But they made it back to the car safely (Just with the wrong milk haha!) Thankfully we got some from the hotel!

Anyways.. we woke up in the wee hours of the morning to check in at the hotel!

M was such a big girl with her own suitcase!

Hannah and Nick met us at the airport Wednesday morning! Nicks family lives in Little Rock so it was convienient that they could stay there Tuesday night!

Kaci and I ran to Walmart to buy this toy before we headed out on our trip, and I am so glad we did! She played with it the entire trip.

Mackenzie always does so great on the plane. I always take plenty of snacks and drinks to help pop her ears, and other than that she always does so good!

Kaci and Mom on the way to St. Thomas!

We arrived in St. Thomas later in the afternoon on Wednesday... we rented a villa instead of staying in a hotel, and that is definitely the way to go! The owner of our villa, Alex, met us at the airport and visited with us while the guys picked up our rental cars.

We followed Alex to the villa... To us: They drive on the wrong side of the road. Which is crazy! And with it being a Mountain/Island the roads are more curvy and steep than I could have ever imagined... I had read reviews on how rough the roads were, but honestly we live in Arkansas, so all of our roads are curvy and hilly (Just not like they are in St. Thomas apparantly!)

Also, they don't have typical "Addresses" This is spray painted on a meter where you turned to head to the Villa we stayed in.. I videoed our drive one morning on the way to the beach, and I will upload that soon so you can get the full picture on driving on the left and the crazy roads!

After we got to the house, we unpacked the bags and headed to the local grocery store to get stuff for dinner for the week, drinks and snacks. Mackenzie goes through almost 2 gallons of milk in a week... In St. Thomas, a gallon of milk goes for $9.00 a piece!! But no worries, we could by a gallon of rum for $3.00. They have Priorities! :)

Here is where Dustin and I stayed for the week!

Our bedroom connected with the upstairs bathroom!

Another sidenote about the island... They get their water source from the rain, and each house has an alloted amount of water that they use for a period of time. Alex checks the water before visitors arrive and assure that (if you are frugal) you will have plenty of water to last the week. If you do run out of water, they have to call a Water Trucking system that could take several hours to get to you considering as long as it takes to get the water and the transportation to get to the house on the small roads.

ALSO, this is kinda gross b.u.t........ The rule in St. Thomas is "If you did not ingest it, do not put it in the toilet" Thats right... toilet paper has to go in the trash!!!!! We all managed just fine, we just took out our trash more frequently! Their sewer system cannot handle disposing of t.p.

Our room was upstairs, and there is a door there on the right that connected with Kaci and Mackenzie's room. This worked out great being so close to her, and she didn't have to go up and down the stairs to get to us!

The view was breathtaking!

We had dinner overlooking the beach at a place close to where we stayed, and went home for the night to relax and unpack!

The view is more than amazing! We loved it!

I am planning to do a day by day post of our trip to break it up! Can't wait to share all of our pictures!

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