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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I know, I know.. I am so behind updating this! We have been So busy here lately! A couple of weeks ago, Cassen made homemade liquid laundry detergent. It is AMAZING! She gave me some to try, and I cannot wait to make my own. I tried it on Mackenzie's clothes too.. It got all the stains out of everything she owns, and it is all natural so she didn't have any breakouts with it!

Here is the sample that Cassen gave me.

The ingredients

I found the ingredients online. Cassen also bought a 5 gallon bucket and a mixer to attach to their drill to mix all of this together. You can find the link here. The article compares the homemade detergent to Tide. It was pretty interesting what you could save!
This is so cheap to make...

And speaking of homemade items, I have been working at our Greenwood Clinic in the afternoons for the last couple of weeks. This cutie caught my eye when I was up there last week. Dustin's dad made us this right when we first opened. Greenwood's mascot is the bulldog, and it fits right in with all the other sport themed items. This is so amazing!

Here is the back of the Bulldog...

Seeing that, reminded me of the Razorback Piggy Bank he made me for my 21st birthday.
I just love it! He sits in my Razorback laundry room!

Woo Pig Sooie!! :)

And here are my two favorite people before church one morning! M is blurry, but I can't get her to sit still anymore! :) My next goal is to start making my own baby food. I talked to Dustin's cousin, Cary, and she does this! I am hoping that I can do this as well!

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