Razorback Victory Week

Monday, August 30, 2010

We are starting off Razorback Victory Week with a bang! College Football starts this weekend and we cannot be more ready!! Mackenzie's outfit is already laid out for the big game Saturday! We are hoping that the camera will put her on the Jumbotron!

Ready to go to Mrs. Sherry's this morning! Supporting her team! When we got home this afternoon, we went over the calling of the hogs and this girl has it down!! haha!

Our little cheerleader is ready for the big game this week! We are playing Tennessee Tech and we are planning for a big win this week! They have to win - It is Mackenzie's very first Razorback Football game!

We are headed out the door to go watch Dustin play softball! I know I am super behind with this blog! I had some issues with pictures and it is not going as planned. If you know me at all, you know that I have to keep things in a certain order.... I don't like to post out of order, but it is what it is. I had missing pictures, a broken memory card and pictures on Kaci's camera. Maybe I will get caught up one day... If there is such a thing as being 'caught up' with an infant!

I just received the worst mom award! As I was posting, Mackenzie pulled another first... Rolled off the couch!!!! :( She isn't hurt... I am typing this while holding her!

Don't judge me.... You have done it too!!!! :)

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  1. You are hilarious Cora! That girl makes a razorback shirt look good! :)

  2. Cora---yes, we have all done it too! Love the Hogs outfit!!! She is beautiful!!


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