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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The last weekend in July, we drove to Oklahoma City to visit family. Duff had to go to Austin for the weekend, so we went with Mom and Memaw to get away for the weekend. We left Friday when we all got off work. Mackenzie did really good on the way... We stopped at Braum's in Henryetta (Memaw's Favorite!) and by the time we were almost there Mackenzie was getting pretty anxious.

Saturday morning, we drove to Minco, where Dustin's dads family lives. My aunt and uncle let us drive their Mini Cooper. It was so much fun!! Here is Mackenzie on the way with her doll in one hand and her elephant in the other!

For some reason the Oaks' don't like to tell people that they are coming to visit.. So of course when we got to Dustin's grandmas.... She Wasn't Home!! We went to his Aunt Melissa and Uncle Doug's house. I felt so awful just imposing on them so early! It was good to visit with them, and Dustin's cousin Timber came by to see us too!

After Grandma got back from Walmart, we went back over to her house... That is when I realized why they don't tell anyone they are coming.. She was so shocked and excited! It was so fun seeing her reaction! She called Phillip to tell him that we were in town...

This picture cracks me up! Mackenzie was pretty fussy, and then she was just out. This was out she was sleeping.. haha!

So glad we got to go see his Grandma! She is such a sweet lady! Dustin is always telling me stories about when they lived at Grandmas house!

Uncle Phillip and Cousin Ryan cam by Grandmas...

They were too funny!

I love this picture! Mackenzie kept looking at Phillip like he looked familiar... Probably because he looks so much like her Grandpa!

Phillip, Little Dwight, Grandma and Mackenzie..

We stopped by Phillip and Robin's new house on our way out of town. They have such a neat home!! Dustin took this as I was looking around with Robin. Ryan was so good with Mackenzie! I didn't get a picture of Collin.. He is getting so big!

After we left Minco, we met the Holcomb crew at Dustee's.. A really neat jewelry and handbag store, then we headed over to Ted's Cafe Escondido... It is my favorite place ever!! We Have to eat there every time I am in town! It was very busy! Here is Kali and Mackenzie.

Stephanie and Mackenzie!

This is a little blurry... Steph was holding Mackenzie and Bub was fanning her. She had a meltdown! It was so hot in there! I was trying not to lose my cool! Bub and Steph took her out to the druck and drove around the parking lot in the air conditioning! She was much happier. I am so glad they did that!!

M was wore out after such a long day. This was how she fell asleep in daddy's arms.

Cousin Kali and Mackenzie!
She is always so sweet to let us stay with her!
Thanks Kali!

Mackenzie with Aunt Tommie and Uncle Dickey!

Bubba and Mackenzie!

Kali and Mackenzie!

Mackenzie with Aunt Tommie and Uncle Dickey before we headed out. It was so nice to get away and go visit! We need to do that more often!

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  1. She has such a sweet smile! I can't believe how much she is growing!


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