Sweet Grandmother

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dustin's sweet Grandmother passed away on August 8th. I wanted to post this for our memories, so when Mackenzie is older we will be able to show her all the details of her wonderful Great Grandmother.

Here is Grandmother with Mackenzie the day Mackenzie was born.

We had Visitation at Grandmother's house on Tuesday, August 10th.
Her funeral was the next day.. Wednesday August 11th.

This is an actual picture of Grandmother's garden at her house. She was an amazing gardener, bowler, wife, mother, sister, grandmother and friend.

Memaw sent Dustin these flowers, and we received several cards from family and friends.

Sweet Eli playing in Grandmother's living room

Mackenzie with her daddy after visitation

After the funeral, Dustin and I stopped by Grandmother's house for just a little bit. We were just looking over her garden, when a butterfly showed up. Dustin and I just smiled at each other... Dustin always talks about how much his sister loved butterflies so every time we see one we think of her. It was pretty amazing watching Amber fly through Grandmother's garden.

After the grave site service, I had to go back to work... I ran into a lady who said she saw me at the funeral..I asked her how she knew Grandmother and she told me that they bowled together. The next week, she told me their bowling group "Young at Heart" nominated her to take Grandmother's position as President of their group. She said, "Sanka would have approved!"

We loved her so much and she is greatly missed! We have a Peace Lilly in the living room that reminds us of her every time we walk through the house.

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