Six Month Recap

Monday, November 08, 2010

Mackenzie, I cannot believe how fast time has flown! You are almost 7 Months old and I haven't even gotten your Six Month post up yet! You have changed so much in the last six months, and you are becoming more and more independent.

Look how much you have changed! It seems like just yesterday you rolled off the couch and started lifting your head up :)

You are such a good eater! I am so glad that we feed you homemade baby food! So far you have had apples, bananas, pears, peas (which you don't like), green beans, avocado, carrots, and mashed potatoes.

When we went for your 6 Month check up a couple weeks ago, you were weighing in at 17 pounds (50-75%) and you were 26 3/4 inches tall (75%). You wore 6 month and 6/9 month clothes, size 2 diapers, and size 2 shoes.

You still love bath time, but you are starting to throw a fit when it is bed time. You have the biggest blue eyes - I know that you are going to learn how to bat those pretty blues to get anything you want from daddy!

You are chewing on EVERYTHING, and you have all the symptoms of cutting your teeth, but we still are toothless!
You are sitting up like such a big girl!! I just cannot believe it! You also started rocking and doing the inch worm to get where you want to go.

I love that when we say your name, you look for us, and you are starting to jabber a lot more! You love feeling different surfaces (carpet, hard wood, etc.) You love to slap your hands on anything near you, and you are starting to kick a whole lot.

I love you so much and I honestly don't know what I would ever do without your big smile!

Here is a letter from Daddy


You are getting so old so fast. It seems like yesterday that we left the hospital with you and your head of hair that many bald men would die for. I didn't know what to expect when you came into this world but I knew one thing. You were mine. I also knew that one person would not get to ever meet you so to make sure everyone including you knew she was around we included what she went by in your middle name. Thats right, Berlynn is not just another name. Ber comes from my sister, your aunt, that died 2 years ago. She was only 28 but she was smart and fun to be around. Your mother and I agreed on that name because in a way we want you to be like her. I want you to have her brains, and by the looks of things you are ahead of schedule. You are only 6 months old and you always make me smile, just like your aunt did. You are trying so hard to stand up now and can almost do it and you never give up, that's the Oaks in you. One day I will explain how your mother and I met. Once you were born, I didn't know what I was gong to do to support you and your mother. And to be honest, I am still working on it but I am not giving up. I have been told I can go back to what I was doing, but honestly, I find it hard to think about how much stuff I would miss with you growing up and going through my childhood when I didn't have a parent around and the other parent was always working to make things better for us kids. I do not want you going through what I went through but also want you to have a great childhood and not have to worry about anything. I have been awaken at all hours of the night the last 6 years or so and will have to admit that; when you cry at night I do not mind getting up with your mother to come change your diaper and make your bottle to feed you. I love seeing your face with those bright blue eyes and that smile that is like you are up to something. I do not complain one bit or regret anything and want you to always know that. I love you and always will.


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  1. Okay that letter brought tearst to my eyes :( so sweet!!

  2. So sweet! I love the letter from daddy-she will treasure that always!!


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