Mmm... Avacodos!

Monday, November 01, 2010

We ventured out with something we haven't tried tonight....

Mmm... Avocados!

Wanna know how hard this was?

Dustin cut the avocado in half, removed the pit, and I took a spoon and fed it to Mackenzie! Wow! How easy is that?

She really liked it... Dustin convinced me that it was really good so I made him try it first. After he took a bite with no complaints, I figured the least I could do is try it - I mean if I am making Mackenzie eat it, Isn't that the least I could do?

Haha.... I was not impressed! I told Dustin that it tasted like roots... you know like tree roots? He asked me that what parties that I was going to where serving roots? haha! :)

Dr. Beene wants Mackenzie to start using a sippy cup once a day - It was so funny watching her try to get the juice out. Now if we can just teach her how to hold her own bottle! I know she knows how, she just doesn't want to!

We are also going to try pears and mashed potatoes this week. We bought her this really neat strawberry teething toy that vibrates when she chews on it. I have a video of her using it for the first time that I will try to post later.

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  1. Okay so do you not like guacamole dip?? The pic with the avacado in her mouth is so cute!!


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