Six Month Must Haves

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I have been reading Sarah's blog for a couple months now and I just love that she posts their Must Haves of that particular month. You can see her post here. I have also been reading another blog, and recently Jessica posted about her daughter, Cora's, favorite toy she played with while she was alive. I think that I will remember every single detail of Mackenzie's life, but I forget those little things all the time! I am going to try very hard to do this at the end of every month, so I can remember what Mackenzie's very favorite things were!

Daddy is the Number 1 Must Have! We couldn't do it all without him! A couple weeks ago, Mackenzie and I went to Oklahoma City - just for ONE night - and I really wondered How on earth do single moms do this? If Mackenzie wakes up in the middle of the night, I change her diaper while daddy gets the bottle ready, and he usually does those late night feedings :) He is the best!

Here within the last week, M has had a HUGE love for her daddy. She gives him kisses all of the time! I love that she is a total daddy's girl!

Winnie the Pooh

Pops bought this for Mackenzie when I was still pregnant.. He wanted that to be her very first teddy bear, and she loves him! He is usually what helps get her to sleep most nights. She loves rubbing him on her eyes when she is sleepy.

When we first got this for Mackenzie a couple months ago, she could barely touch this on her car seat. Now, she is pushing the frog's eyes to play music, and she loves to hit the frog on the far left over and over and over! He makes lots of noise! :)

This has worked wonders during the teething process! It vibrates when she bites down on it. She really likes this toy, and we make sure to not leave the house without it!

Miss Shannon got this for us. We have used this from day One! (Well day 10 technically since we were in the hospital for so long, but who is counting?) :) This went to Miss Andie's house every single day this summer! I am sure they just died when we brought our entire house over every morning :) Right now, Mackenzie loves playing and relaxing on this big bear!

Nene bought this amazing beauty when we were in Frisco. Mackenzie loves bouncing around in this while I get ready for work or while we are making dinner. However, when she is not in this, she loves to crawl over to it and try to pull herself up on it.


I listened to this CD a lot when I was pregnant. When she was just a couple months old, we were on our way home, and Mackenzie was not happy. At. All. I put this CD in on Track 12 (Don't ask me why that certain one?) and she INSTANTLY stopped crying. It is called Capri, and it sounds like such a sweet lullaby. Since then, that song has been our saving grace! We do not (and cannot) go any where without this CD.

At first, we thought it was hysterical! As soon as she hears the first strum of the guitar she quits screaming immediately. After listening to this song a minimum of 1000 times in just six months, it is getting pretty crazy... but whatever it takes! I keep promising my mom that I will record this, because you honestly cannot imagine how dramatic this is until you see it. I will try to keep my camera with me on the go!

You can hear the song here

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