Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mackenzie has accumulated lots of 4th of July clothing the last few weeks, so we are going to have a very patriotic week!

I love the color of this shirt.. I really makes her eyes shine!

Mrs. Sherry has been on vacation the last couple weeks and M was so glad to be back on her routine! Look how filthy she is :)

Our neighbor has started growing some fruits and veggies and they brought us some Roma Tomatoes this weekend. M is eating them up!

After dinner, Mackenzie had a bath. I love how long her hair is getting :)
Stay tuned for lots of patriotic outfits this week!!

And just want to say how proud I am of Mrs Becky and Mrs Ashley.. They are going to Ethiopia tomorrow with Ordinary Hero. I cannot wait to hear all about their trip! They are going to do amazing things!

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  1. I love you Cora! You are seriously one of my biggest encouragers! I know I say that alot but I mean it. I love your family, especially that sweet little girl! :)


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