Patriotic Clothes & Nene's Birthday!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

We are still rocking our Red, White and Blue!!

Mackenzie and I have the best times in the mornings! She wakes up in the best mood and we just have such a great routine.. Dustin is at work by the time we get up so it is our girl time.

I get her dressed and she follows me into my bathroom and plays on the counter while I get ready.. then we brush our teeth! M kicks in the water and turns it off and on a lot! (And by the way, just in case you see him in the background.. Dustin had to go to NWA this morning so he was still home when I took these pics. haha!)

She usually throws a mild fit when its time to dry our legs off and let go of the toothbrush!

I love the back of this outfit my mom got her!

And speaking of my mom...

Happy Birthday Nene!! We love you and miss you!!

And I will leave you with a video of Mackenzie from tonight. She was eating chicken nuggets and tomatoes and the last couple of bites, she started eating like a dog.

There is hardly any conversation in this video, because it was one of those {} but {} moments. :)

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