Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warning: This is long!

We had a wonderful holiday weekend! I really enjoy those three day weekends!

Friday night, Mom, Kaci, Mackenzie and I made a trip to Fort Smith to get just a 'few' things and we ended up getting home way later than we had planned on. No wonder I really had to convince Mom to go, she knows how we are!

Mom got her a new pair of Chacos for the summer and we picked up some things at Academy. A new life jacket for Mackenzie and some cute nike shorts and tanks. From what we have heard St Thomas is the most laid back place ever, so we intend to dress the part! 

At Chick fil A
Their new cookies are heavenly!!!!

I had to run in to a store, and Mackenzie got impatient so her crazy Aunt let her get out of her seat and sit in the back while we were parked. This girl thought we was big stuff!


We headed to Hot Springs... Duff doesn't like to be on the lake that very first weekend since it is so crowded, and we heard the water was still very cold, Duff suggested we go to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls.

Mackenzie got to ride three rides, and then we headed to the water park side. It was an honest mess. The parks are gorgeous and very well kept, but the people. Oh, the people. It was a different breed. I can't make this stuff up. The women were averaging in at 300 pounds and they were wearing clothes smaller than mine! And the men were just plain filthy. I know, I sound like a snob.. You just had to be there. I am sure we had our noses snarled the whole time. 

Mom had paid a little bit extra per ticket so we could see Charlie Daniels Band that night at the concert, but we agreed that we were ready to go after just a couple of hours. Since the concert was at the park, it was going to be the same crowd, and Duff suggested we go buy some bleach to shower off with. It was rough!! 

Leaving my parents house! Excuse the bed head! 

About to get on Mackenzie's first ride!

After we left the park, we were walking out to the parking lot when a big radio show bus comes pulling up, and guess who was sitting in the front seat? Yep, Charlie Daniels!! A guy ran over and he opened the door and said hi to everyone! 

So my mom read somewhere that if you leaned forward in your pictures, it would make your waist look smaller, we couldn't keep from laughing!! 

Love my American sweetheart!
I snapped this right after Duff was doing his impression of us! :)

Mackenzie, Kaci, Mom and I are on the go, and when we stay in a hotel, we usually order pizza the first night and have it delivered to the hotel. So..... When we got back to the room Saturday night, Mackenzie screamed, "HEY, I want Pizza!!!!" It was so funny! We have made her a creature of habit!

Going to dinner

Duff took us to eat at the best place ever! Seriously. My tastebuds were flipping out!

It was called Central Park Fuzion, and all the meals are designed to fuse different cultures together. Honestly, I was starving and pretty skeptical of the place. We got spinach and artichoke dip for appetizer along with Duck Egg Rolls. When the dip came out, all I was thinking is if  I can eat as many chips possible, then I can pull the Im.already.full card and not have to suffer through any weird food choices. I was so glad  I didn't do that. Everything was so good! It's just unexplainable! Kaci's hawaiian steak was by far the best thing I have ever had!

After Miss Priss finished her meal, she had a dance party with another 2 year old! They were hilarious! I have some videos of them that I need to upload, and even her mom was complaining about Magic Springs. They were visiting from Memphis and she was shocked that the people were so gross!

Mom and Kaci ran to Walgreens on the way back for some milk. Check out homegirl in the mismatched pink workout clothes and the red high heels! She was something else! :)


We got around and ventured downtown Hot Springs before heading home. It is gorgeous! We strolled pass all of the bath houses and old stores/boutiques, stopped and ordered cupcakes at Fat Bottom Girl Cupcakes, Duff took us to eat at Rod's pizza (again he killed it with the food choices! this makes up for the back Magic Springs choice! haha) and bought a new tube for the boat before heading home!

Mackenzie was counting all of her money.. Kaci was teaching her the difference with all the different coins, she is picking up everything we say to her! 

This hospital is huge! You can barely see us at the bottom!

Bath houses....

A small cave

I did not know that they had several fountains in town that you can fill up your containers for free and take home! pretty neat!

Cupcake shop

Sleepy girl on the way home!

My sister will kill me! :) but they look alike!

Mackenzie is obsessed with these Flavor Ice Popsicles! 

And with her pops and his iPad! 
She can work this thing by herself!

Kaci came home with me Sunday night, and the neighborhood kids were all playing ball. Since Mackenzie isn't allowed to go in the street (I know, mean momma!!) Kaci sat with her at the end of the driveway to watch all of them play!


We got up pretty early, and Kaci and I looked up some fun excursions for while we are in St. Thomas! Swimming with sea turtles, kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing! Oh I can't wait!

We headed to moms, and then went to the pool at Chamberlynne while Duff fished and golfed. Great relaxing day! and very very HOT!!

let me check my phone first!
What do I have to do to get decent service?

Passed out with Cheeto in hand! 

And if you made it through this whole post, I am sure you look like that too!! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are more than thankful for all the militaries and their families, and especially our hero Dustin! 

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