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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First of all, if you read this whole post...Bless Your Heart!
This has to be the longest post ever!!

Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks..
We went to the lake a couple weekends ago.
Here is Mackenzie in her new floatie!
We docked at Brady Mountain this trip and really liked it!

We decided to take her Pack n Play and this is when I fell absolutely in love with this thing! Mackenzie slept about 4 1/2 hours straight! She was enjoying the nature!

Mackenzie's view

Here she is when we first came home from the hospital
About 10 days old here...

And look how much she has grown! :(
This was at two months!

I know one day she will kill me for this..
And she might even give me this face when she sees this picture! haha!

We had Razorback hot dogs for dinner one night last week...
I thought about getting Becky some of these but I think she will pass :)

Love this sweet face!
She is Dustin Junior!

I like to stand all the time

She has been drooling on everything in sight...

We love mister Sarge!

Mister Sarge

Margie and I got to have lunch with Megan, Andie, and Andie's nephews - Ian and Anson.
M was taking in everything Margie was saying.
I think this was the day that Mackenzie yawned and Anson said "Aw, she yawns..I haven't yawned in a week..... I better drink some water." This boy cracks me up!!

"Daddy Loves Me"
Dustin had to go to Oklahoma City last week for baseball..
Mackenzie and I stayed all by ourselves. I let her sleep with me! :)

Getting so big in her car seat!
I think this was the day that Anson told Andie that he can't wait til Mackenzie speaks English!
I wonder where he comes up with this stuff?

I love that she rests her head on her sweet hand while she is eating. It is like she is thinking.. This is such a hard task. She has also started playing with her hair while she eats. It's these little things I hope I never forget.

This is the only way I can get ready in the mornings.
Mackenzie lays on her side on the couch and watches Country Music Videos.
She can lay there forever!

Love this outfit!

Talking to Miss M after work at Memaws house!

More country video time!

Love me some cute baby toes!

Big Yawn!!

Mackenzie out grew her bath seat we bathed her in. We bought her a yellow tub that fits over the sink and she is in love with it. She could soak in that water until it got cold!

Here is another small thing I hope I never forget. Dustin sleeps just like this! It amazes me how much these two are alike! On the tummy with the covers over there heads and that left leg always has to be hanging out. I go in and cover her up and she kicks it off!

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  1. What a precious post!
    I will pass on the hot dogs but thank you for thinking of me! :) LOL!


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