-Two Months-

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our sweet girl turned two months old on Wednesday


You are growing up way too fast! We need you to slow down!

You love to lay on your back and kick and squeal!

I love your sweet smile!


-are such a joy!
-have been smiling so much this last month
-have had thrush twice (and it is no fun at all!!)
-are a colic baby ... Every night from 6-8 like clockwork
-have very long dark hair but it is starting to turn blonde
-are nursing and taking formula
-sleep 8-10 hours every night! I love it!
-have found the tv and you love watching it
-sleep on your tummy
-love the lake and your bath
-have started sucking on your fist
-still get the hiccups everyday
-are a MAJOR Daddy's girl!

We love you so much!!

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