Thursday, September 02, 2010

My mom informed me that today is 09/02/10 as in 90210. Isn't that pretty neat? Mom, Mackenzie and I went to Taelynn's First Birthday party tonight after work. I cannot believe that she is already 1!

Here is Mackenzie watching Taelynn open all of her gifts!

Birthday girl eating cake! She was so cute!

Playing with all of her fun toys!

While I was at the shower, Hayle text me. I was so glad to hear from her. She had her baby boy Sunday night, and he is staying in the NICU right now. He was 6 weeks early, and he has what sweet Mackenzie had... Pneumonia. He already started his medicine, so they are predicting for him to go home around Wednesday.

Me with Mr. Kiptyn Michael - He is so handsome! He weighs 5 pounds 7 ounces

He was looking at his momma here. I couldn't believe how little he was!
My arms never got tired when I was holding him!

So peaceful. Poor guy had to get his IV in his head. :(

When I first got there tonight, I can't even fully explain how I felt. Very anxious and very very sick to my stomach. I knew that Kiptyn was just fine, it just brought up some very raw emotions. When I first got there, I just visited with Hayle and Justin.... And then it was time. Time to go back to that place I was so scared of. Don't get me wrong, the nurses and doctors were so wonderful to us, but I was so worried about Mackenzie constantly that it made me have some bitterness about being there.

I forgot the tiniest things... Calling to let them know who you are to let you in, washing your hands, putting the gown on, searching for your baby because you never knew if they had been moved or not, fighting for a empty labor and delivery room so I could walk down to nurse every three hours, swollen feet, and not caring if I ate a meal the entire day as long as my sweet baby got to be held.

As soon as we walked up to him I could have cried right then.. Not only because he is so perfect, but because his nurse was one of Mackenzie's main night nurses. I couldn't have hugged that woman long enough... and then I did what any normal momma would do.. I whipped out my phone and began to show her pictures :) All the nurses came over to see! I was so proud... and suddenly, all those bad feelings were gone! I was so relieved. I held Kiptyn for quite a while, then decided momma and daddy probably needed some rest! :)

I called Dustin on my way out the door and talked to him the whole ride home. I could finally talk about things that I was way to afraid to talk about. I know you are thinking, "Cora, she only had pneumonia and she is fine now" I know that. I really do. But that was so hard for me to go through. Friends having babies a week after you and going home while you were left sitting.

I am so happy for Hayle and Justin, and they are doing so great! They had a very rough time with their oldest, Zoie, when she was born...This is a walk in the park for them!

The nurses want us to take Mackenzie to their annual reunion.. They have this to catch up with all the previous NICU babies that they grew so close to.. Mackenzie will be one the next time they have it. It was held the weekend she was born. I cannot even imagine her being one! Not at all!!

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  1. Wow Cora! I know that had to be hard! How amazing you are!!! I couldn't imagine!


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