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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am not one of those people who complain day in and day out... I hate getting on Facebook on Monday morning and seeing someone say "Is it Friday yet??" really people? BUT this week seems to just be dragging on!! On the bright side... Maybe this week will go by slow so the Razorbacks will have enough time to work on their defense! Big game this week against #1 Alabama!

Dustin and I check on Mackenzie together every night before we go to bed. She usually has kicked her covers off, so we just cover her back up, and tell her goodnight.... Not last night... For a baby that is a tummy sleeper I cannot believe she was sound asleep last night. It is hard to see, but she has her foot lodged in between the spaces in her bed, and she is holding on to her bumper pads. I was afraid if I turned on more light she might wake up, and it is never worth waking a baby just to get a picture! :)

This morning she was ready to rise at 6:30. I sat her on my bed and put my Boppy pillow around her... This is how she sat and watched Baby Einstein.. That foot must taste good! When I would walk through the room, her head would turn but her eyes were glued to the tv!!

Look at this wild woman's hair!!
She definitely fixed it herself in her sleep!

I had to catch a ride to work this morning, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these two when I walked out of the hospital today! Aren't they just the sweetest for coming and picking me up? We ran by and saw Memaw for a second and then headed home! I ran to Walmart and grabbed some soup for Mackenzie to take to the nursery this Sunday. They are feeding families during the cold weather. I hope to teach Mackenzie to always give to others. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! -Even if it is dragging by! One of my favorite songs says "Slow down, Slow down, before today becomes our yesterday" So true!!!

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  1. That is so funny Cora! I love the one with her foot in her mouth!


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